We’ve been huge fans of Norwegian multi-instrumentalist musical maestro Lindstrøm, since his breakthrough hit of 2005, ‘I Feel Space’ (which still sounds as fresh as ever). He does that melancholic, italo-disco thing, in a very similar style of fellow countryman Todd Terje. It’s full of rich but simple melody,  with lovely vintage drums and classic arrangements. The kind of music that works equally well on daytime radio, or at 6am on a dark and sweaty dance-floor.

‘It’s Alright Between Us As Is’, is his 3rd long-player and continues on from his earlier work, on arguably a more club-focused mission. ‘Tensions’ sits perfectly alongside his sleeper hit from last year ‘Closing Shot’ (which isn’t included here), while ‘But it Isn’t’ featuring Frida Sundemo with it’s glorious vocal and arp bassline, could almost have been lifted straight from the booth of a Giorgio Moroder/Blondie studio session. ‘Shinin’ featuring Grace Hall is a perfectly executed, space-disco vocal jam that you file under timeless. ‘Under Trees’ closes out this 9-tracker in suitably stylish fashion; free-styling lush piano over deep Juno bass, with spacey atmospheric pads and culminating in a wonderfully epic, end-of-night wind down.

Out Now: Feedelity Recordings/Smalltown Supersound