If you are one of those people who love music, yet have managed to somehow get through life without properly listening to an Oasis record in it’s entirety and rarely got too excited about anything the brothers Gallagher have knocked out in the past, now may be the time to sit up and listen.

Gallagher’s first two solo albums after leaving Oasis, were in essence (very well received) extensions of his previous musical lifeform and if you were a fan, you’d probably have been happy enough, but they probably didn’t win him too many new fans.

‘Who Built The Moon’ on the other hand, is a record that symbolises an artist truly breaking free on his own,  experimenting in new directions, new techniques and creating a wonderful sonic soundscape, that the die-hards will lap up, but will also pull in a whole new audience in the process. The presence of David Holmes at the controls is undeniably a huge factor in this, his sound is all over this record and is the most perfect fit for Gallagher’s songs that will leave the fence-sitters well and truly converted.