Ripperston makes ESP debut with 'Sight Seeing LP'

Swiss born Ripperton is making his debut on American imprint ESP Institute next month, dropping a fifteen track album to the label that will come as a double vinyl and in digital format.

ESP state that Ripperton sent them a self produced mix which they couldn’t get enough of, resulting in the project being cut into individual tracks to make an album.

“We were floored, the mix was on constant repeat in our world for weeks, then was subsequently pulled apart into separate titles to form this beautiful double LP.”

01. The Dove
02. Puente De Los Enamorados
03. Uroboros
04. Vespéral
05. Ignition
06. Eloigné
07. Hêlios
08. Stratégie Silencieuse
09. 春
10. Monade
11. Atomatic
12. Infinité
13. Gradation 65
14. Miroir D’eau
15. Meteorythme

Ripperton’s Sight Seeing LP on ESP Institute is out 9th February 2018.