Interview: Roni Amitai

Emerging DJ and producer Roni Amitai follows up a 2021 appearance with NG Trax as she marks her debut release on YokoO’s Satya imprint.

The Israeli’s new ‘Voices’ EP combines two brand new original productions with two separate remixes from Italian artist Iskra, for an excellent 4-track house offering.

We spoke to her this week to talk about her process behind the new tracks, what she has coming in the near future, and what she thinks of the current club scene in Israel. Get the full discussion with Roni Amitai below.

Hey Roni, we hope you’re well. How is the club scene in Israel at the moment?

Hey all! In terms of Covid, it feels like we are kind of over it. Most of the restrictions have been lifted, parties and big festivals happen regularly again, yet the scene is not the same. A lot of things changed during this time; people go out less and it’s hard for the clubs right now. They are in survival mode.

Perhaps this is also due to the recent intensity of the ongoing conflict here. These are weird times. I pray Israelis and Palestinians will find a way to live together in peace.

You have just released your new ‘Voices’ EP on YokoO’s Satya imprint, tell us how you made the two originals on this one?

‘Voices’ was created at the very beginning of the pandemic. I found myself experimenting in my studio for days, trying to convert the confusion into creation. We all experienced a new reality of social distancing with lots of questions, but inside this tangle I found a lot of space to explore and create. The two tracks emerged through different processes.

‘Faded’ came out of a simple jam session; instrumental experimentation, and ‘Voices’ started as an image in my mind: the vision of a woman talking to majestic mountains, her voice reverberating through their contours, the echoes from the mountains answering her. This EP is a culmination and celebration of the freedom that time gave me.

And it includes two edits from Iskra, why have him do two different remixes?

Originally we planned to have one remix by Iskra. 
He was making a few different versions for this remix and we really dig these two! 
It was hard to choose one cause they are so beautiful and different from one another in their sound, energy, and style, so we decided to have them both. 
Iskra (also known as Noha) is a super talented artist and I’m very happy he is a part of this EP.

You’ve also put tracks out on NG Trax in the past, which other labels might you be working with in the near future?

There are a lot of exciting things for me this coming year. I’m working on a new project combining live music and dancers, new music that will see light and new short films (like my last music video for NG Trax), combining my music with my passion for movement.

What’s one label you hope to release on at some point in your career?

I hope to have an album on Ninja Tune.

Israel has given us talents like Guy J, Shlomi Aber, and Vini Vici, who’s one emerging Israeli artist that you think is worth checking out?

That’s a hard question since there are so many talented artists over here.
 From the indie dance scene we have Adam Ten and Mita Gami, super talented hard working producers that are now exploding all over the world.

From the minimal house scene I really appreciate Stephan Bazbaz, Asael Weiss, and the upcoming duo Oscar Pink, I love their music and sound. They keep on making beautiful underground music.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Thank you for reading. 
I’m full of hope for our world and people to find love and compassion for one another, we are all human, no matter our religion and territory and we should learn how to accept each other and take care of our earth. As cliché as it sounds, art connects people and I wish we will make more music and not war.

Roni Amitai – Voices EP is out now on Satya.