ROTW: KAS:ST - A Magic World

French-born, now Barcelona-based techno duo KAS:ST have been putting out lean club cuts for a few years now, though since the release of their 2019 debut album Road To Nowhere, things have been accelerating at a rapid pace. Fast forward to the end of 2020, when the pair dropped their second studio album, A Magic World, and you begin to understand the maturity of KAS:ST as producers, and their wide reaching talent for working under a number of different genres. The new album brings

ROTW: KAS:ST - A Magic World

everything from visceral techno and awe-inspiring rave to progressive electronic and even hiphop. It’s a fun record which unshackles itself from the confines of club music, and lets the duo be playful with both track selection and arrangement. Seven of the fifteen tracks include vocals, with features coming from Brume, Hansom Eli, Hi Levelz and Be No Rain, the latter of which has worked with the likes of Armin Van Buuren in the past. We would recommend starting from track one and giving the album your full attention until finish, though if you’re short on time we have recommended some alternative starting points below, including more of KAS:ST’s past work, and some similar recommendations, from FJAAK and Innellea.

Where to start:
Vtopia: Euphoria-drenched broken beat rave cut
Our Last Dance: Driving kick drums and vocals from Hansom Eli
Outomorrow: Harmonising piano chords and vibrant synth bass

Previous from KAS:ST:
Road To Nowhere LP (2019, Flyance Records)
Unreleased Tracks EP (2020, Flyance Records)

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KAS:ST – A Magic World is out now on Afterlife.