Ruze Interview Inflyte

With a run of previous releases on a number of reputable house imprints, including Rawsome, Toolroom, and Etiquette, Birmingham-based pair Ruze are a glowing example of the future potential of the UK house scene.

Their most recent outing finds the duo debut on PIV, an imprint which is becoming a flagship provider of nostalgia tinged deep and tech house anthems, with previous outings coming from the likes of Chris Stussy, Demarzo, and Djoko.

We spoke to Ruze following the release of their new “Chapters EP” on the label, where we asked them about their journey so far, what hopes they have for the near future, and how the handle working as a duo. Get the full discussion, and listen to “Chapters” below.

Hello Ruze! Tell our readers what you have been up to recently?

Thank you for having us! This past month has hands down been the best so far in our music careers. We’ve just come off the back of playing at an amazing after party hosted by PIV and Animal Crossing at the Loft in Manchester.

From week to week we’ve been focusing on new material in the studio and we’re really happy with the direction we are going in. It’s amazing to have events back up and running again in the UK and they’ve been a great space to network and fuel for inspiration in the studio.

You just released your 4-track Chapters EP on PIV, talk us through the tracks in your own words?

Chapters: This track has a lot of emotion for us. It’s the first track we started for the EP and we wanted to explore the deeper side of house, whilst still keeping things relevant and playable in our sets. Expect piano stabs, hooky vocals, silky tops and a big bassline to keep you rollin’. We think it’s a versatile track that could fit in many different scenarios from listening at home, warm up sets, to peak time and afters.

Mindset: Mindset is the club banger of the EP, and a peak time track to rip up the dance floor when called upon! Expect a driving organ bassline and 90’s flavoured vocals.

Open Door Policy: Open Door Policy is a 129-bpm roller to pick up the pace in any set!

Tales of Shinjuku: This one pays homage to artists such as Miguel Migs, Grant Nelson, Reel People and the Bargrooves Records crew from the early 2000’s. Expect a funky tail of warm rhode chords, live electric basslines, groovy percussion, and whipping synth lines.

And what made you want to work with PIV in particular?

PIV in our opinion are the absolute pioneers of the classic and modern deep house sound. We’ve been huge fans ever since their inception in 2015. We’ve always loved the sexier side to house & felt that our visions, sound & image aligned perfectly with the label.

You’ve also released music on Etiquette, Toolroom, and Rawsome in the past, which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

We have a release locked in with Josh Butler’s imprint, Origins Rcrds in late August & an EP locked in with Max Chapmans Lo:Res, release date TBC!

Working as a duo, how do you manage studio sessions, do you go in together or split the time between individual sessions?

It’s a balance of the two really. The past year has been a lot trickier to get together due to the pandemic & the UK lockdowns. However now things are getting back to normal, we’re back in the studio together more often than ever!

And how do you manage creative conflicts, when deciding which direction a project should take?

This actually happens a lot less frequently than you may imagine. We were born in different countries & lived apart until secondary school, but once we met our personalities gelled very quickly. We both grew up listening to very similar music which we draw inspiration from. If there is ever a conflict, we try both ideas in the track & discuss which we believe sounds best!

You’re based in the UK, what’s your favourite British club to play?

That’s a tough one, we’ve not played many, but Ministry of Sound in London is our favourite thus far. The sound system is crisp & weighty, the staff are always professional & friendly, all in the whole club has a great vibe to it. However, there’s plenty we’d love to play that are on our bucket list such as Fabric, Mint Warehouse, Studio 338 and a new one opening in our home town soon, called Forum Birmingham!

And what advice would you give to any aspiring DJs on how to level up their skills?

Belief, practice, patience, and dedication. No matter what it takes to improve your skill set and play at gigs – do it. In the UK now there’s a wide range of studio spaces which are cheap to rent & kitted out with the most up to date equipment. There are also plenty of places that offer DJ courses – if you are in the UK, the DJ Gym is a great starting point.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Firstly we’d like to thank Prunk & all of the PIV team for believing in us and our sound. Lastly, we’d like to express our gratitude to everyone for all the love & support we’ve received on the Chapters EP so far. The response has been amazing & we couldn’t have ever wished for a better reaction. THANK YOU!

Ruze – Chapters EP is out now on PIV.