Interview: Sam Holland

Rising club talent Sam Holland follows up a run of impressive releases with the announcement that he’s now launching his very own record label.

Previously the emerging British artist has dropped original music with labels such as Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound, and Richy Ahmed’s Four Thirty Two.

His own ‘Heart + Mind’ imprint seen its inception at the end of last month, with the release of his own 2-track ‘All Night Long’ EP.

We spoke to him recently about his thoughts on becoming a label owner, what we can expect from Heart + Mind in the near future, and which other labels Sam might be working with soon. Get the full discussion below.

You just launched your new label ‘Heart + Mind’, why is 2022 the right time for you to own a label?

Thanks for having me on the channel guys. As you know, I’ve had the privilege of releasing on some fantastic labels so far in my career but now was the time to launch my own label. I’d been thinking about it for a while and already had the concept mapped out so it was really just a case of giving it the final push with the right first release.

I needed a way of getting my music out quicker so this provides a platform for that but also, I want to provide a platform for others who have been in the same situation. It’s a way of giving back to the industry that I love.

How would you describe the labels sound in 3 words?

Tribal, house, disco – but I really wouldn’t want to pigeon hole it too much, I’ll sign whatever music I like and support.

The first release comes as your ‘All Night Long’ EP, talk us through the two originals on this one?

The A side ‘All Night Long’ is kind of my staple production. Rolling, filtered disco house music for the big room. The B side is a 2am tribal record, nothing too complicated, but it works very well on the dance floor!

Who else might we expect to see on Heart + Mind in the near future?

The next few releases will be purely from myself. As of 2023, I will look to release other artists. Any producers reading this who feel that their music would suit, please send your demo’s to my inbox. I would love to listen.

You’ve previously dropped music with Four Thirty Two, Knee Deep In Sound, and Club Bad, what lessons have these guys taught you that you’ll carry over to running your own label?

These labels have taught me a huge amount. I’ve actually gained knowledge from each of them on how a label should be run, how to position the brand and how to look like a credible platform for other artists.

It’s also been really great to work with the managers across all of these labels who have given me some great support and advice. A special thanks in particular to Hot Since 82 and Graham Sahara (Electric Ibiza) for giving me their time and advice in the early stages.

And will you be releasing music on other labels going forward, or exclusively on Heart + Mind?

I will be releasing music on other labels as well as Heart + Mind. I actually have a remix coming out this July on Too Many Rules as well as a release on Four Thirty Two later in the year. I still love releasing my music on labels who value the sound I make so I think a good combination is healthy!

Who’s one artist that you would love to have on the label when it develops into an established imprint?

My one and only brother from another, Jansons!

Sam Holland – All Night Long EP is out now on Heart + Mind.