Interview: Seb Zito

Past releases on record labels such as FUSE, Knee Deep In Sound, Do Not Sleep, and Cuttin’ Headz have made Seb Zito one of the most in-demand producers in underground club music.

The London-based talent recently made his inaugural appearance on Revival New York with the release of his new single ‘Jungle Love’.

Alongside putting music out on top labels, Seb also heads up an imprint of his own in Seven Dials, where the likes of Huxley, Timmy P, and Jamie Trench have released.

We sat down with him and asked him a few questions about ‘Jungle Love’, how he came to work with Revival New York, what else he might have coming in the near future, and more. Get the full discussion with Seb Zito below.

Hi Seb, how are things over in London at the moment?

Things are great! I’ve got a busy schedule ahead, and I’m really just enjoying being back on the road again.

Your new single ‘Jungle Love’ arrived last week, talk us through the sounds on this one?

It’s self explanatory really, it’s all things jungle inspired but with a tech-y feel. I kept the bass subby and infused samples from some of my favourite old skool jungle records. With the elements and sounds of the track, I tried to keep to the ever changing bass drops that you’d normally find in jungle rather than the same looped bassline you’d normally get on a tech house record.

And with it being a single, any plans for remixes down the line?

I think we spoke about potential remixes later on, but I’ll keep the artists in mind a secret for now.

It comes as your debut release on Revival New York, what attracted you to wanting to work with those guys?

My management know Michael (Revival New York founder) really well, and over the months I’ve been able to really see the work, passion, and effort he puts into each release. I respect that, plus he’s got some great new talent that he’s pushing alongside signing releases from established artists like myself, and I think the sound of the label really fits this release in particular.

You’ve also released music on Cuttin’ Headz, Do Not Sleep, and Knee Deep In Sound, which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

You’ll see some follow ups on those labels, as well as an EP on East End Dubs’ Eastenderz imprint and some remixes on Defected & Richy Ahmed’s FourThirtyTwo. But the main bulk of my music will be focused on my label which I plan to push even more this year.

Your own Seven Dials imprint has seen appearances from names like Timmy P, Huxley, Madvilla, and Jamie Trench, who else will you be having on there soon?

We have releases coming up from Lee Walker, Elleot & Andrey Djackonda, Kreature & Sizeup, to name a few. Stay tuned!

And what’s your plan for the label in the long term? Events perhaps?

It’s definitely on the cards to do a Seven Dials event, and there may even be another album from myself.

Seb Zito – Jungle Love is out now on Revival New York.