SG Lewis is releasing a three part album in 2018

London based producer SG Lewis is releasing his debut album this year, though not in the traditional way you might expect. The Dusk, Dark, Dawn project will come in three parts throughout 2018.

The first of the three will arrive on April 6, titled Dusk, it will include 6 productions from Lewis, two of which (Aura and Coming Up) have been made public.

SG Lewis has said the inspiration for the project comes from his roots as a resident DJ in clubs – “Dusk, Dark, Dawn is about taking the intentions of that music – all of those feelings, those experiences I had from the age of 17 to 19 – and placing them outside of the context of a club. Those memories of being a young person and having my mind completely blown.”

Tracklist (Dusk)
01. Sunsets, Pt.1
02. Sunsets, Pt.2
03. Aura
04. Golden
05. Coming Up
06. Tides

The album will come on Jasmine Music and PMR Records, you can stream ‘Aura’ from ‘Dusk’ below.