Interview: Sian

LA-based techno veteran Sian has been a leading force in the genre for more than a decade, releasing his dark-natured productions on some of the biggest labels in club music in the process.

Everyone from Stil Vor Talent and Relief, to mau5trap and Phobiq have played host to his music, and his own Octopus Records imprint has been a reliable source for EPs from the likes of Andre Winter and Drunken Kong.

We had the chance to speak with Sian recently, where we got to talk with him about the different cultures that have influenced him as an artist, his thoughts on getting back on tour after the pandemic, and what we can expect to hear from him soon.

Hey Sian, we hope you’re well! How are things over in America right now?

Hey, thanks for having me. All is well, and likewise! Things are great here tour wise. Shows are improving a lot now and people are finally getting back into the swing of safe raving. We just smashed it at Academy LA, and next up I’ll be in Chicago, Vegas, Seattle, San Diego, and a bunch of other cities.

You were born in Ireland, grew up in Spain, and now live in the states, how do you think the different cultures you’ve lived through have influenced you as an artist?

Being exposed to so many different cultures has absolutely inspired me as an artist, visually and sonically. I know it might sound clichè, but the idyllic classic vision of palms and neon lights of LA have been a huge influence on my aesthetic for the label and for myself. It was always my dream to be here.

When I was a kid in Spain, I was in a lot of bars and remember hearing synthesizers for the first time. Those sounds of 80’s electronic and Italo disco music are initially what really inspired me to make music.

Also, something I love doing is writing music in some of the different cities I visit for shows. Each place is a unique setting, so it influences the sounds and the mood of a track and instantly brings me back to that place.

You’re currently touring America, with shows in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Arizona, it must be a great feeling to have a run of gigs after the pandemic shut things down for so long?

Yeah, it’s huge! And a relief to say the least, but super happy I’ve been able to get myself into an even better position than before the pandemic started. It was a ton of hard work and hustling, but it’s paying off. Unfortunately, a lot of artists are really struggling or didn’t make it through the pandemic at all, so I’m also grateful to be here and to be selling out shows.

What about your release schedule, what do you have coming that we should be looking out for?

I have my single ‘Midnight’ coming out in September, with a remix from Brennan Grey. I’m also working on a project with Sasha Robotti, which debuts in October on a big label that we have both followed for ages. Stoked to share more about that with everyone soon.

And you’re of course a label owner with Octopus Records, where Andre Winter, Rafael Cerato, Risa Taniguchi, and Drunken Kong have all released, what do you have planned for the label in the coming months?

We’ve got a release lined up from my partner on the label, The Archer. His track ‘Magic’ is coming out soon with a remix from Rafa Barrios. Aardy, who heads up the Hydrozoa label, is also releasing his next EP, ‘Damage is Done’, on Octopus, featuring a Vhyce remix.

What are some other labels that you really enjoy seeing in your promo box?

I always look forward to releases from Diynamic, SCI+TEC, Afterlife, Realm, and Higher Ground.

Is there anything else you want to plug before we go?

Yes, thanks! Please go check out my website for upcoming tour dates, new music, and our new season of merch. I just did an update on the label design, so stock up on some fresh tees, tanks, bandanas, and tote bags.