Interview: Sisko Electrofanatik

Sisko Electrofanatik is an Italian born techno producer who has spent the past few years refining his craft to a point where we have now seen him become a solid contender to be amongst the next generation of the genre’s leading names.

His tracks have come on imprints such as Phobiq, AnalyticTrail, Unrilis, and OFF Recordings. He also heads up his own record label in Gain Records, where Dok & Martin, The YellowHeads, and Loco & Jam have made appearances.

Upon his recent return to Andre Crom’s OFF imprint, we caught up with Sisko Electrofanatik to find out about his plans for the future, what goals he has set for himself, and which emerging techno artists he currently rates most.

Sisko! How are you right now? Tell our readers what you have been up to recently?

Ciao! I’m good, thank you. So, recently I have been working hard on my labels Gain Records and Gain Plus to schedule the new releases with my team, and I also run my weekly Overground radio show on Stardust Radio. I’m still finding inspiration to finish the originals for my album, that I’d like to announce before the summer, I’m also finishing some new remixes and am still working on a new sample pack for the remix live app.

You just returned to OFF Recordings for the release of your new Twisted EP, talk us through the two originals on this one?

Yes, I’m happy to be on board again for this follow up release, I worked with analogue and modular sounds for the acid bassline, to get something raw, and included deep vocals on both originals.

And the remix from Noemi Black, what is your opinion on that?

It’s a banging remix, I’m very happy with her work – the perfect style for this release!

How did you first connect with Andre Crom and the team at OFF?

A couple of years ago I sent some demos to Andre because I combined some sounds that I thought are a fit for OFF, then I was in touch with the label manager Jens, who I have a good synergy with.

You’ve previously released on Phobiq, AnalyticTrail, Unrilis, and Gain Records, what is your typical process when you want to sign tracks to a specific label?

Yes, I received requests to release on these labels and also release follow ups, generally my process is to focus on what the label looks for, I work hard to study and create tracks that fit the labels sound, but also satisfy my artistic criteria. On my own Gain Records imprint, I like to release peak time melodic and hard raw sounds, because that is a reflection of my DJ sets.

And which other labels can we expect to see you on soon?

I have remixes planned on Orange Recordings, Say What?, and my new label Gain Plus, and I also have releases coming on Phobiq, Analytictrail, and my debut on Legend, coming from early 2022 until the end of spring.

The past few years have seen you become one of the most exciting prospects in techno, what are some of your professional goals for the near future?

My goals are to grow Gain Records and maintain collaborations with the labels I already work with, to try and find new labels that I’d like to release with, and to continue to improve my sound design and create new ideas. Another goal is to get back to playing regular gigs once the pandemic begins to calm down.

And who are some other emerging techno artists that you think we should be aware of?

There are many emerging techno artists! I follow and play their music in my sets, and I release them on my labels. Some Italian talents are Giulia (IT), Paxtech, Lowshape, Roberto Pagliaccia, Dubskull, Matteo Magni, Jürgen Degener, and Omis. Some other talents from around the world are Broken Robot, Valpy, Patrick Scuro, and Lim Nylon, to list a few.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we wrap things up?

Just my motto “We Are What We Play”. Thank you for the interview. Ciaooo.

Sisko Electrofanatik – Twisted EP is out now on OFF Recordings.