Spotify: Emerald Isle Electronica

For a country with a population that’s about half the size of London, it’s fair to say Ireland has always been a country that punches well above its weight when it comes to its musical output.

Over the past decade in particular, a veritable tidal wave of electronic artists have broken through and made a name for themselves on the global stage, from globe-trotting headliners like Bicep, Mano Le Tough and Matador to the likes of Shit Robot, Ejeca and Sunil Sharpe.

On Emerald Isle Electronica, we shine a light on these artists, established and otherwise, from North and South of the border, over the course of an epic five hours of music.

We open with some Late Night excursions via Belfast and Derry from David Holmes and Ryan Vail, while Dublin and Galway are repped by the likes of Neonfrench with a piece from their criminally underlooked album from 2017 and John Daly under his new Night Christ moniker. Elsewhere you’ll find the aforementioned big hitters rubbing shoulders with classic tracks from Hystereo, Le Galaxie, The Japanese Popstars and one of the true pioneers of Irish electronica, Donnacha Costello.

We give you a glimpse into the future, with emerging artists such Lor, Principleasure and Derry’s Or:la hinting at who the next wave of stars could potentially be, while Calibre, Zero T and Ricky Force fly the flag for Irish drum ‘n’ bass. Finally, we have shoe-horned in one Richard D.James for our closer, because last time we checked, Limerick is a city in Ireland.