Could Spotify launch its own smart tech?

The tech industry is the fastest moving, most competitive and highest rewarding field of the current decade, with Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon all posting record profits in the hundreds of billions. And now Spotify wants to join the party.

According to several job listings from the Swedish streaming leader, a new team could be hard at work on smart tech, with advertisements of ‘Operations Manager – Hardware Product’ currently causing the rumour mill to churn at full power.

Could Spotify launch its own smart tech?

The move to hardware could make perfect sense with the rise of smart speakers, virtual assistants and smart watches, Spotify relies on these devices more than ever to reach their customers.

So what if Apple, Amazon and Google dominate the home assistant and smart speaker market, only to then deny Spotify’s apps access to their users? After all, Spotify is the main competitor of Apple Music, Google’s YouTube and Amazon’s Prime Music.

With a move to hardware, Spotify could limit their exposure of being cut out of the streaming war and losing billions in potential revenue.

via musically.