Ticketing app DICE adds booking fees

Ticketing app DICE has for a long time been praised for not adding a booking fee to purchases, though it seems tickets above £10 will now have a 10% fee.

British band Shame targeted DICE on Twitter: “Everyone’s favourite ‘no booking fees’ vendor @dicefm have slyly added a 10% booking fee to shows costing above £10, we knew absolutely nothing about this,” – British band Shame

Managing Director at DICE, Russ Tannen said “As we grew (thanks to you guys) we discovered that to get a significant allocation of tickets for bigger shows, we had to agree to include a ‘booking fee’. This was particularly the case for our expansion in North America,”

“Ultimately, it was a case of either drop ‘Best Gigs’ or drop ‘No Booking Fees’. So we decided to start incorporating some fees to a small number of shows and dropped the ‘no booking fees’ line in January 2017. What didn’t change is our commitment to always try and be the lowest price.”

While 10% is not a significant increase, it could hinder existing customers ability to trust DICE, though only time will tell if the move is a positive one for the ticket retailer.