Interview: Tom Wax

German artist Tom Wax continues to be one of the most exciting names on the Frankfurt club scene, releasing lean and infectious techno music on labels like Codex, Natura Viva, and Gain Records.

His most recent studio offering finds him make a welcomed return to his own Phuture Wax Records imprint, this time for the release of his brand new long player, ‘Generation 72’.

We spoke to Tom about the new album, why he decided to release it on Phuture Wax, what else he has planned for the near future, and more. Get the full discussion with Tom Wax below.

First off, congratulations on marking your 50th birthday this month Tom! Are you doing anything special with friends and family to celebrate?

Yes of course! I will have a massive birthday event on September 24th near my hometown at Centralstation in Darmstadt, together with my special guest DJ Kai Tracid.

You’re about to release a new album titled ‘Generation 72’, what can listeners expect to hear on this one when it comes out?

Straight peaktime techno with the vibe and energy that got me into electronic music over 30 years ago. 16 tracks for streaming or on CD that represent both my current production level and DJ sets.

And we assume the title is a bit of a tribute to you turning 50?

1972 is my year of birth and I’m the techno generation 72! When you listen to the album opener you will understand which tracks influenced me before I started to produce music by myself in 1991.

It comes on your own Phuture Wax Records imprint, what were some of the main reasons for releasing the album yourself instead of with another label?

I release all my longplayers on my own label to have full control over the promotion & distribution process of the product and to still own all the rights on my album tracks. I want to decide which track should be a single or who should do a remix.

In the past you have released on Off Recordings, Codex, IAMT, and Gain Records, which other labels might we see you on in the coming months?

I have new releases on Codex with Sisko Electrofanatik, and on Gain Records with Ben Champell, and every 2 weeks I will release another track from my album on my Phuture Wax label. Remixers are Frank De Wulf, Felix Reichelt, concious, Tabis & Dawn, Uto Karem, Kay Barton, Ben Champell, Fractious, and others. Tom Wax remixes for Dima Riva, The B-Sides, Fractious, Kay Barton, Rico Puestel, and TWO are on their way as well.

You’re based in Frankfurt, a city with a great club scene, what are some Frankfurt clubs that you’ve enjoyed most over the years?

I was resident DJ at the world famous Dorian Gray at Frankfurt Airport and played a lot at Sven Väth’s Omen Club back in the day! At the moment only Tanzhaus West and Freud Club still represent techno DJs in Frankfurt and so those are the only ones that I have played lately.

And what is one non-music thing that’s essentials for anyone coming through Frankfurt to experience?

You have to check Äbbelwoi (a special Frankfurt cider) and Frankfurter Grüne Soße (a special green sauce with herbs) at restaurants in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen.

Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

Thanks for all your love and support over the last 30 years! It’s still such a privilege to do this great job with so much passion. Always check my website or my socials for news and updates.