Universal Music are releasing a sleep album backed by science

Universal Music have announced they will release a science-led sleep focused album on Friday March 16, which is also World Sleep Day.

Being curated by Tom Middleton, a sleep science coach, the album is to be played ‘one hour before bed’. It will be available on CD, as a digital download, on all popular streaming platforms and via the ‘Sleep Better’ app, available on iOS and Android.

In February 2017, UMG’s Ty Roberts said sleep music accounts for around 2% of all streaming plays, and with Spotify’s ‘Sleep’ playlist having over 2.3M followers, it makes a lot of sense for labels to consider the niche market as placement on such playlists could bring a huge amount of revenue.

Previous bedtime focused albums and playlists have included white noise, rain drops, and soundscapes of nature such as the ocean, wind and lightning. The idea is to create a baseline of sound that will block out any sudden noises such as car horns, people talking or other acute bumps that might wake you before you reach a deep enough level of shut eye.