Wehbba tells us his top five acid tracks

Drumcode, Second State, Tronic, Soma, Bedrock, Noir, Items & Things, Knee Deep In Sound and Pornographic Recordings, it’s almost easier to list off the relative imprints that Brazil-born, Spain-based DJ and producer Wehbba hasn’t released with.

We got a chance to reach out to Wehbba to hear five acid driven beats that he’s been feeling in his sets, with tracks from Richie Hawtin Hawtin, Regal, and more, keep reading to find out his picks!

“I’ve been playing a lot of acid and acid inspired techno tracks recently so I think its suitable for me to choose this as a theme. Here are my top 5 acid tracks” – Wehbba.

Plastikman – Krakpot

So first up is this acid masterpiece from Richie Hawtin as Plastikman, love how they used to sweep the sounds to give that forward resonant sound back in the day, so trippy! Enhances the acid vibe by many factors, and something that really inspires the way I work nowadays, suing different techniques.

Joris Voorn – MPX309

Not your typical acid track, but the simple 303 bassline and the raw 909 groove makes this track, althought minimalistic in elements, a fat tool that is quite possibly the track I’ve played the most in all of my career.

Robert Hood – Acrylic

I’m a huge Rob Hood fan, and he inspires me a lot with the way he manages to make  such a great use of so little elements, and here he goes acid without using a 303, quite possibly a 101 tho, which is also great for that purpose!

Regal – Acid Is The Answer

Instead of praising only classics, here’s a very current representation of a great acid tune, by a producer that features constantly on my playlists, love the vocal and the acid line, and that melancholic but somehow euphoric melodic breakdown completely makes it for me!

Choice – Acid Eiffel

I don’t make any efforts in hiding my admiration for Laurent Garnier. He’s probably the most influential artist in my career, both as a DJ and a producer. This is my favourite work from him. Nothing I can say would do it any justice, just listen to the whole thing end-to-end and enjoy the trip.