A clubber is suing Amnesia Ibiza after a record fell on his face

Ibiza superclub Amnesia could find themselves in hot water following an incident that happened at the venue around one year ago in September 2017.

Charlie Mercer from West London was attending a party at the club when his night took a sudden turn for the worst after a giant record which was hanging from the ceiling as part of the decor fell and struck him across the face.

Charlie was left with cuts and bruising on his left eyebrow, eyelid and cheek, and is understandably asking Amnesia to take responsibility for the accident.

He said “I can still remember the whistling sound just before the disc hit me and the impact. It was pretty hard and then the record flashed across my face. There was blood all over my face and down my shirt. There was so much blood. I was really worried I was going to lose my sight. It was only because the record hit my eyebrow first that I didn’t lose my eye.”

Amnesia are reportedly not yet responding to Charlie’s law suit, with his representative from Slater And Gordan stating “For the club not to check on how he was and not respond to our correspondence is disappointing.”

The incident was first reported in The Sun.

A clubber is suing Amnesia Ibiza after a record fell on his face