A techno focused documentary just hit its goal on Kickstarter

The story of techno music is a long and historic journey steeped in creativity and culture, and it’s often a story misunderstood, if even told at all.

A group of Detroit based filmmakers want to fix this, and have been working for the past seven years on ‘God Said Give’em Drum Machines: The Story Of Detroit Techno’, gathering archival material in the form of photos, footage, music and interviews with key figures.

Following a campaign on Kickstarter, the group today hit their target of $30,000 to complete the production, sound mixing, color, animation and music clearance end of the film.

With pledge rewards including a mix tape, t-shirts, early screenings of the movie and more, the campaign finished off with $30,731 raised in total.

The team behind the campaign said “It has been our personal mission to set the record straight by producing a documentary feature film to bring this important but overlooked part of black history to mainstream audiences. Today, Detroit is largely unrecognised for the creation of Techno which was the beginning for what is now known as the $7.1 billion dollar business of EDM. As of 2018, there are no African-Americans listed as top earning artists.”

You can find more information on the documentary here.