AKG have launched three new pairs of headphones

Austrian audio tech manufacturer AKG have undoubtably made some of the most affordable high quality studio and consumer based headphones on the market, with their ‘K’ series being a reliable range for recording artists, studio engineers and producers for a long time.

With the consumer headphone market now well into its transition of a mass range of wireless bluetooth headphones, it’s becoming more common for studio quality headphones to offer wireless options and AKG’s newest additions lean toward this category.

While it’s still not possible for wireless headphones to truly shine in a studio environment due to things like bitrate and latency, manufacturers like Pioneer, Sennheiser and now AKG are coming pretty damn close.

The new flagship release comes in the form of their N700NC, a pair of noise-cancelling headphones with a 20 hour battery life which allow you to control the balance of ambient noise with a built in switch.

The consumer level release, the Y500, offers a wireless option with high quality studio sound and an extremely impressive 33 hour battery life. With a number of additional features like pausing when you take them off, and continuing playback when you place them back on your head, and a built in volume switch so you can control the level of playback without taking them off. They also come in four colourways, black, green, blue and pink.

The last release in the new line up is a set of earbuds, the Y100, with an 8 hour battery life and built in ambient noise technology, they offer one hour playback off just 15 minutes of charge and come in four colourways, black, blue, pink and green.

The N700NC comes at $394.95, the Y500 comes at $149.95 and the Y100 comes at $99.95.