Interview: Alex Dolby

Italian artist Alex Dolby has contributed years of work to a vision that over time has developed into one of Italy’s top underground techno labels, Affekt Recordings.

Releases on Affekt have come from the likes of Temudo, Par Grindvik, Jay Clarke and Roberto Clementi, and while the majority of Dolby’s own productions have also come on the same label, he has made appearances with Senso Sounds, Teksupport, Dolma and Intacto over the years.

We caught up with Alex to ask him about the recent seven year anniversary of Affekt, how the Affekt club has been coping with the current pandemic and which imprints he might be bringing his own music on soon.

Let’s start with your label Affekt Recordings, as we understand you recently celebrated its 7th birthday?

Hello! Yes in March we celebrated 7 years of the label that we started together with the Affekt club.

And did you do anything special to celebrate the anniversary?

I put together a mixed compilation to celebrate the anniversary with some names who have already released on the label and some new producers. We also had planned a big release party and some other great events during the whole summer, but due to thhe COVID-19 virus we had to cancel everything, which was such a shame.

I know you have released a lot of your own music on Affekt, but which other artists have you signed music from that has really made you proud?

During the last 7 years I was concentrated totally with the label and the parties and hadn’t time to make a lot of music for other labels. I tried to create special music for Affekt and reserve all my energy for it and not give it to other labels like in the past.

I also worked hard to give a chance too many new artists so they have a chance to release their music, and at least Affekt was more concentrated to spread around new talent and not just big names. We did ask some more well known guys for remixes along the way, and I want say thanks to them for what their contribution. I really loved and appreciate the Pär Grindvik and VSK remixes, but all the others were fantastic too, so it’s a hard choice to select.

Do you have any new releases scheduled for your own music over the next few months? If so, on which labels?

At the moment I have a release planned for July for the launch of my new label called Sequenzial Shift, that will be an Affekt Recordings sub label to concentrate on a more deep techno sound and some slightly more experimental stuff. I’ve also been making many new demos having moved my studio set up around a bit, because I have used the lockdown time to study a new set up that I think is great.

Alongside the label, you also run the Affekt club in Frosinone, Italy. Which in current times must be difficult, have you received any news about when you might be able to open the venue again?

Yes, it’s a very bad moment for club culture in general and at the moment we don’t have any news about a possible re-opening schedule. We are trying to keep it open but of course it is very hard to fight for a very long period of time and I really don’t know what will be our future in all honesty.

And what advice would you give to your fellow DJs, promoters, club owners and other industry professionals on how to manage things as best as possible right now?

This is a very good question, I really don’t know what to say, because this is also a new experience for me too, I have never encountered a situation like this in my career, it is so random and unprecedented. I have to say for me we all have to be strong through this and for sure, no one can destroy our passion for this work we just have to wait for the following guidance and safety measures.

Before we go, is there anything you want to mention or a message you want to share?

I just want to say thanks to all the people who have worked with passion at our Affekt project over the years and we look forward to the future and some form of normality returning soon.

7 Years Affekt Recordings is out now on Affekt Recordings.