Interview: Amarcord

Italian DJ and music producer Amarcord follows up on releases for RITMO FATALE and Permanent Vacation with his debut appearance on new French imprint MINITEL.

His two-track ‘Sacrificio’ EP marks the inception of the MINITEL label, which comes from the already established indie club music brand of the same name.

We spoke to Amarcord about the new release, which other labels we can expect to see him release on soon, and more. Read the full interview below.

How has 2024 been for you so far?

2024 has been an amazing year for this project! I’ve had some fantastic gigs across Europe, and I’ve been very productive with loads of new music. I’m really excited about all the tracks I have coming out this summer.

You just released your new ‘Sacrificio’ EP on MINITEL, how would you describe the two tracks included on this one?

The first track is an homage to the great Andrej Tarkovskij, my favorite director, and his film ‘The Sacrifice’. It’s a deeply personal piece for me. I’m happy about the rawness of the sound, and whenever I played it live, it definitely had an impact.

The second track ‘See Them Go’ contrasts with the first. It’s a modern new wave style track that felt like a good companion to the vibe of the first one, offering a different but complementary experience. The MINITEL guys were very happy with this one and were very professional along the way.

You’ve also released music on Permanent Vacation and RITMO FATALE in the past, what’s your typical approach to getting new music signed?

Lately, I’ve been focusing on working regularly with Ritmo Fatale and a couple of other labels. I believe in creating a small dedicated circle of collaborators and fostering long-term friendships. Music is such a subjective experience, and having a trusted filter is crucial.

And which other labels can we expect to see you release on soon?

You can expect to see my work on a big VA release from Ritmo Fatale, which I’m sure everyone will be eager to listen to. I also have an exciting release coming up on Dischi Autunno with my Supermarc alias – alongside various remixes and edits.

I’m also enjoying the self-release approach and will probably release more & more stuff by myself, together with releases on proper labels. Spoiler: I will soon announce a new series of self-released singles as Supermarc called ‘Supetraxxx’.

What’s your favourite Italian club to play?

Meet Compact Club, no doubt! The energy and vibe there are unmatched.

Amarcord – Sacrificio EP is out now on MINITEL.