Anek describe their new EP for Solid Grooves Raw

Denmark’s double act Anek have had a seemingly effortless start to their blooming career, but behind the curtain is almost two decades of persistence and hard graft.

Their past releases include outings with the likes of Get Physical and Moon Harbour, and their recent Chemistry EP saw them appear on Solid Grooves Raw.

We spoke with the Demark natives about the new EP, what a typical studio session might involve, and where we might find them release in the near future among other things. Grab the full interview below.

Hello Anek! Your new release with Solid Grooves Raw is about to drop, excited?

Hi Inflyte! First of all, thanks for having us! So yes super excited, Solid Grooves Raw is one of our favourite labels and it’s always a pleasure to work with the Solid Grooves guys!

And how did the production process go on this one?

The release consists of two tracks, Patinka and Chemistry and with these two in particular, it was Denise who started the tracks, played around with the vocals and then sent them to Karina to finish.

Do you start projects together as a duo or bring ideas together in the studio when they have more substance?

We have quite varied processes when we make music. If we have the opportunity, we like to sit together and get creative, but mostly we start off ideas separately and send them back and forth to each other. We have discovered it’s really helpful especially if you get stuck in a track, sometimes the other one can add that extra thing that you wouldn’t think of yourself for instance.

We’ve now seen you release with some big labels, including Kittball, Moan, Flashmob, Roush and Moon Harbour. What’s the typical situation when you sign a track to an imprint of this size?

So when we have tracks finished and ready, we send them to labels we think would fit sound-wise. We know all labels get sent so many tracks and it can be difficult to actually get them to listen to your music, but we have been in the business for quite a few years now, so are lucky enough to know most people in person and can send our productions directly. It’s always a good feeling when someone signs your track, it makes you want to continue making music.

You’re from Denmark, do you notice any big difference when touring throughout the rest of Europe?

We love our home country and we have always enjoyed playing here. It’s where our career started back in 2001, in the beginning just biking around to gigs with our vinyl in the bike basket haha. It’s a small country, but we have some nice clubs here, we especially like to play at Culturebox in Copenhagen.

When we travel in Europe we do notice that the scene in Denmark is a lot smaller, but we enjoy all sorts of gigs both big and small. We see the positives in all the places we go to and enjoy the different crowds and culture.

And what is your favourite country to visit and DJ?

That’s super difficult to answer, as there are so many nice places and each country has something special. Apart from our favourite island Ibiza, we enjoy playing in the UK.

Thanks a lot for catching up, we hope the release goes well! Do you want to mention anything else before we go?

Thank you so much! Yeah so apart from the Solid Grooves Raw release, we also have EPs coming out on Moan and VIVa MUSiC the next months, and we are working on some exciting collabs which will be announced soon!

We are also looking forward to playing at Off Sonar next week with two parties; Moon Harbour Showcase at Pacha and Danny Serrano’s daytime party at Opium and then off to Ibiza returning to the Warriors parties at Octan July 21st and August 18th! Hope to see you around!

Anek’s Chemistry EP is out now on Solid Grooves Raw.