Interview: Archie B

British house producer Archie B has been putting out lean, club-primed productions for several years now, and his consistent hard work is starting to pay off in a big way.

The global pandemic has been quite a hindrance for the majority of people in the music industry, though Archie seems to have channelled the difficult time into a relentless studio output, one which has seen him knock down one goal after the other.

Next month the Oxford-based talent will debut on one of the UK’s biggest house labels as he drops his new “Hold Me Close” original on Mark Knight’s Toolroom, a label which while needing no introduction, has been responsible for cuts from Green Velvet, Purple Disco Machine, Tiesto, and CamelPhat.

Archie B joins us on Inflyte+ today, to chat about the forthcoming release, which other labels we can expect to see him on soon, his recent accomplishment of surpassing 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and more. Get the full discussion below.

Hey Archie, how are things in the UK at the moment?

Hi guys, thanks for having me on board. Things are really good at the moment and couldn’t be better, I’m back out DJing most weekends and spending loads of time in the studio.

You’re about to debut on Toolroom with your new “Hold Me Close” original, how did you come to sign the track with those guys?

It was quite funny how this one came around, I’d sent music to their sister label which i didn’t know at the time was Love & Other and the A&R turned out to be one of my best friends’ cousins, so that broke the ice. He didn’t think the tracks were right for that label but he sent it to Toolroom and they picked it up, pretty small world really.

It arrives on their new “Club Rave Dance” compilation, alongside tracks from Flashmob, Kideko, and Darius Syrossian, have you had a chance to listen through the album yet? Any tracks on there that stand out for you?

Yes, I have listened to the whole album now, there are some great tracks on there, Mine is 1 of 8 exclusives. The stand out track for me is of course mine, what else would I say lol.

In the past we’ve also seen you release music on Champion Records, Freakin’ 909, and Audio Rehab, which other labels might you be releasing with in the near future?

My next few releases after Toolroom will be with Wh0 Plays, James Hype’s label Stereohype, and Anticodon. So quite a bit of new music to come out this year still!

You’ve released quite a bit of music with Marylebone Records recently, how did that relationship develop, and how have you found working with those guys?

Those guys are great, A duo from Manchester called Versus are the A&R’s and I knew them before the label came about. They asked me for some music and the rest is history. It’s such a well-run label with a great team behind it all.

We saw on your social media that you recently surpassed 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, first off – congrats! Now, what’s next on your list of goals?

My next goal is the 20,000 mark on Spotify and a big goal of mine was to release on Toolroom, which is just about to happen  – so I guess just to keep doing what I’m doing and being happy and positive!

And you’ve seen strong support from names like Martin Garrix, Sam Divine, and Judge Jules this year, in a time when radio shows have been more popular and more important than ever, that must make you feel pretty motivated?

Ahh man, I’ve been more motivated than ever but I am a very motivated and positive person anyway – so this is all just a bonus for me.

Thank you for taking the time to chat to us, is there anything else you’d like to mention before we go?

No problem at all. I would just like to mention and shout out all the people that support me and my music, it means a lot. Music is the answer!

Archie B – Hold Me Close arrives October 8th on Toolroom.