Archie B talks Audio Rehab, 2019 and his dream label

London based DJ and producer Archie B is, in our opinion, one of the biggest potentials in British house music. His past releases have seen him release with Champion Records, MadTech, Lapsus Music and Audio Rehab, the latter of which he is returning to for another EP this December.

We caught up with Archie to chat about the forthcoming release, what he might have planned for 2019, his dream label to release with and what he’s hoping Santa has under his Christmas tree. Find the full interview below.

Hey Archie, how are you? Did you enjoy ADE?

Hi mate. Yes very good and thanks for having me. ADE was brilliant, one of my favourite events of the year. Met up with so many cool people in the dance music industry and went to some great parties.

You’re coming off releases with MadTech, Champion Records and Lapsus Music this year, things have really come together in the studio it seems?

Yes absolutely, I’ve really found the sound I’m looking for with my productions now and i’m releasing music on labels that suit and that I have targeted and worked towards. I’m still learning but every time I make a new track I can feel the progression.

And you aren’t done yet, with a release scheduled on Audio Rehab for December, what can we expect from that?

This is an EP that’s been in the pipeline for a while, it’s quite a variation of house music styles across 4 tracks. My last EP with the label done really well so I’m hoping for the same with this one. Mark Radford who owns Audio Rehab has really supported my musical journey for a while now and that I’m very grateful for.

Has the increased output in releases converted to more DJ gigs at all?

For sure I’ve had some good bookings off the back of these releases but I’m not looking to slow down with the productions anytime soon. I also have a full-time job so keeping on top of making music & gigs can be hard at times but ultimately getting more DJ bookings is what I want in the long run as Djing has been a long-standing passion of mine.

And what’s to come in 2019, do you like to plan ahead or wait and see what comes your way?

At the moment I haven’t got anything lined up release wise for next year but I’m already planning in house. I’m sat on lots of new music which I feel is my best to date so pretty excited about what the future holds.

Tell us one label you would love to release with? And your favourite tune on that label?

I would really love to release music on Defected or DFTD, they have been my goal labels from day one. I highly rate Cola by CamelPhat or anything by Sonny Fodera. The quality of the music is at the highest levels.

And let’s finish up with the number one item on your Christmas list?

It would have to be a new synthesizer or I’m thinking maybe a Roland TR-8. Hopefully Santa will help me out lol.