Interview: Arodes

One of Spanish club music’s most promising studio prospects returned to our feeds last month, as the Miami and Ibiza based house talent Arodes makes an appearance on MoBlack Records for the second time in 2023.

Since marking his debut as a producer back in 2021 with ‘La Brisa’, the Spanish artist has put his music out with some excellent labels, including the likes of DAYS like NIGHTS, Sudam Recordings, and Connected Frontline.

We recently got the chance to ask him a couple of questions, where we got to talk about his new ‘Waves’ EP, his approach to signing new music, what else he’s been up to lately – and more. Read the full interview with Arodes below.

So how are things in the life of Arodes right now?

Very well, we are in Europe for the summer. In Ibiza as a base because I am Spanish and it is a joy to be able to be next to my family, with whom I recharge, it’s the best place in the world to be for summer. We have a schedule full of important events, we were debuting at Hi Ibiza which has been spectacular and I feel very grateful to the public that has come to dance with us. We have returned to the residence in Mykonos, which is very special since we were there last year and of course we wanted to return and this summer it has happened. Summer has come with events and new music that we are about to release.

You’ve just released your ‘Waves’ EP on MoBlack Records, tell us about the original track and how it came together in the studio?

The song started in October 2022, it’s been a long process but it has been worth it. It’s a song that has always had energy but I’d not found a way to make it as homogeneous as it is now. It’s been very well received, several colleagues have played it. It’s the result of a lot of work and dedication and I am very happy that it’s now available to everyone. Like most of my songs, Waves came out pre-produced on my computer between trips and tours. I tried it out in my sets to see how the public received it and then went straight to the studio to finish it.

And it also includes a remix from yourself of another track, that’s a pretty unique concept which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before?

Yes, it’s a special concept, releasing a remix together with an original within the same EP is something different, but the truth is that I heard ‘Amore Profundo’ more than a year ago when Sparrow and Barbossa released it and I fell in love with Nomvula Sa’s vocals. I thought it was spectacular and I wanted to participate in that project so I asked them to do the remix, which is now complete.

Your music has also come via labels like DAYS like NIGHTS, Sudam Recordings, and Connected Frontline, what’s your typical approach to signing new music?

In addition to the ones you name, we have also released songs with labels like Armada and Sony. The truth is that for me the only clear focus is to make the music and make it work. I don’t make tracks thinking about the labels, first I think about the music, that I like it, that it works, that it conveys what I want to convey and I think about the labels afterwards. I have been working harder and harder on my songs and releases are coming up with big labels that make me very happy because they are important steps in my career.

And which other labels might we see you on in the near future?

What’s coming up now, which makes me very happy, is the release of my first EP this summer, under the Rose Avenue label, Rufus du Sol’s label, who are one of the most important artists in the scene currently. It has been very satisfying to see them play my tracks and that it shall come out under their label is an important step for me as an artist, as I admire and respect them professionally and today I consider them great friends.

You currently spend your time between Miami and Ibiza, how would you compare the two?

Both are special to me. Ibiza is being at home, close to my family, with my people, recharging, and playing in the best place in the world. Then Miami has a special vibe that makes it the place to be right now. I am very grateful to the people in both places who have vibrated and danced with each of my songs.

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Thank you for the opportunity in this interview to talk about my music and who I am. We have new music for the remainder of 2023 that I hope will be received well by other artists, that they include it in their DJ sets and most importantly, that people like it and that they enjoy it on the dancefloor.

Arodes – Waves EP is out now on MoBlack Records.