AudioHell brings 'Spasma' to his own self-titled imprint

Based out of Venice, Italy, AudioHell successfully manages Digital Traffik and AudioHell Department, the latter of which he returns to for his latest work. Alongside the label boss, the AudioHell label catalogue includes producers like Knarly Knob, Shyam P, Dinkis and Visionkid.

The bossman’s new player brings two tracks in total, opening with Spasma, a mysterious production which leans heavily to futuristic sounds, it offers pitch bending synth work and is firmly focused on it’s final destination.

The other half of the EP is Tribute To Africa, which is much more playful and rhythmic than it’s counterpart, it throws off slight bursts of resonance and washed out vocal samples, together the two cuts are an excellent progression for him.

The Spasma EP will arrive June 20th on AudioHell Department.