Interview: BEC

British DJ and producer BEC has seemingly burst out of nowhere in the past few years, releasing on top labels like Filth On Acid and Drumcode, as well as her own recently launched BEC imprint.

The latest production to come from her Berlin-based studio is a 4-track all original EP titled Not If You Say, which just dropped on Dense & Pika’s highly sought-after Kneaded Pains.

We caught up with her to chat about the new release, what we might expect from her own label, what other labels she might be releasing on and more. Get the full discussion below.

Your new Not If You Say EP – talk us through the tracks in your own words?

The four tracks that make up this EP are club focused, rave dancefloor tracks! Not If You Say features a ravey, intense synth line. I added lots of drums around this using my Roland TR8-S drum machine. I played with the filters and delays on the drums and recorded those live over the synth line.

Think Less Feel More is a track with a vocal cut of mine, I remember trying this on the dancefloor of Baum Bogota when I last played there (sadly it’s closed now) and the track went OFF! So I knew it was one to release!

Umbra is my take on the classic chord-rave sound from the 90s. I made this with a VST called the Rave Generator which I love! Death By Drums is exactly what it says in the title. Tonnes of killer drums with big build ups along the way of the track.

It includes four originals, was there no talk of remixes for this one?

There were talks of remixes but they didn’t work out – next time!

And in the past you’ve released on Drumcode, Filth On Acid, Second State and other top imprints, what advice would you give to aspiring producers that are aiming to release on these kinds of labels?

Believe in yourself, aim for the top and don’t give up! Behind the scenes of a successful release, are often many rejections and “no’s”. I’ve had so many releases turned down, and the trick is not to get sad about it. Keep going, and already place yourself at your dream spot in your mind. Manifest it into reality.

You recently launched your own label as well, what led you to wanting to run a label?

First and foremost, creative freedom. Having my own label, allows me to define exactly what I want to put out creatively. No boundaries, no rules – only those set by myself. In the future I’d love to cross genre and release more ambient, experimental or however I feel like at the time.

So far you’ve released exclusively your own music on the label, do you have plans to release other artists to?

At the moment it’s for my own original material but remixes are going to be featured – in fact the first remix pack BEC003 – The Remixes is out on 18th December with remixes by Deep Dimension, Mattia Trani and Peder Mannerfelt. I always love seeing what producers that really inspire me do to my own tracks.

And which other labels can we expect to see BEC productions on in the near future?

January 11th will be my first release on Terminal M, which I’m super looking forward to. There’s another big EP coming on my home label Second State, which features a killer remix. There’s also some remixes that I’ve done of some old 90’s tracks coming up. Lots is upcoming! Stay tuned.

Clubs and festivals have of course been off limits for the majority of 2020, what have you been up to during the different lockdown periods to keep yourself busy?

I’ve been dipping in and out of intense periods in the studio. The first few months I was in the studio full time, super focused and finishing a lot of music. Then, when the longevity of all this set in, it took its toll on me and I found it difficult to continue producing with the same momentum I had before.

So I took a prolonged break of over two months, until I felt ready to get back to it again. During summer when the lockdown relaxed, I made sure to travel and spend some time in Ibiza, as well as quality time back in England with family and friends, making the most of the short window of freedom.

And what’s the thing you miss most about touring?

Having those goosebump moments with the crowd, when we’re connected and everyone is really enjoying the musical journey! I also love trying local cuisines, I always feel very lucky to be able to travel and experience different cultures from all over the world.

Thanks a lot for talking to us, before we go, what’s one album or EP from this year that everyone should be aware of?

Lomea – Echoes In Bloom. Super interesting artist, such a unique sound. I loveeee this album!

BEC’s Not If You Say EP is out now on Kneaded Pains.