Blanc talks YouTube success, DJing and future plans

Manchester based tech house output blanc have been serving out exclusive premieres, free downloads and DJ sets for sometime, and have gathered a YouTube audience of almost 150,000 subscribers in the process. We spoke to the man behind the success to hear what he had to say about finding his feet and what he has in store for his audience throughout the next few months. Keep reading for the full discussion.

Hey Oliver, hope things are going well?

Easy mate, things are going great, thanks for having me down!

For anyone who might not know, tell us what exactly blanc is?

Blanc is primarily a tech house tastemaker and music blog, built on the foundation of blending upcoming talent with the artists at the top of their game! Most of my content is YouTube based but for exclusive premieres & free downloads SoundCloud is used as well.

As of last year I’ve been DJing as blanc, showcasing the platform through performing has been mega fun and the reaction has been immense. As of this year I’m also releasing music as blanc, some major stuff coming up!

You’ve grown blanc to be something special, now with 145,000 subscribers on YouTube and 50,000 on SoundCloud, what has been the biggest struggle?

Good question. I think the biggest struggle initially was building the brand and gaining people’s belief in the vision. Brand wise now I think blanc stands out a lot but it’s come a very long way from that first upload. Initially when I switched the branding up a lot of people didn’t take to it, but in this scene I think the only way you can gain success if you truly believe in what you’re doing. I see a lot of channels/brands who seem to be playing it safe, in order to stand out you definitely need to be unique.

And now you’re DJing out and producing under the blanc name, what kind of clubs can we expect you to be playing at in the coming months?

At this moment in time my main focus is the ‘blanc and friends’ shows, in the next coming weeks there’ll be a big announcement coming which I’m very excited about. My next headline show is in Blackburn for a brand called Symposium who are throwing some wicked parties at the minute. I’m back in Ibiza twice before October also.

And what about productions, got any big news on that front?

Funny you should ask that. I’ve just locked in a release with one of the hottest labels in the world at the minute, but again, announcement coming soon! On top of that I have an edit of a well known classic being released as a ‘Dub’ on blanc coming soon also!

And how about a blanc label, or regular parties?

Yeah 100% – everything is set to go for the label in terms of branding, distribution etc. That’s the next step for blanc, that will be launched back end of this year!

With the events, they will be regular, not just my parties but being booked to do blanc showcases etc! The next few weeks all will be revealed!

Thanks for taking some time out to catch up with us, before we go, tell us one upload on blanc that we should embed below?

No problem at all, my pleasure! Ah difficult one, it has to be ‘Call You Back’ by Josh Butler & Bontan. I’m really proud that this generated over 1 million views being such an underground & minimal track, this is one of my go-to tracks to get the dancefloor groovin’.