BLOND:ISH have organised a beach clean up in Playa d'en Bossa

Every year humans add millions of tons of plastic to our oceans around the world, most of which can, and should, be avoided, single use plastics like bottles, plastic bags, food packaging and other items should be either recycled or replaced with a biodegradable product that won’t leave a permanent effect.

The plastics decrease the quality of life of all sea creatures, choking turtles, or becoming stuck in the stomach of a whale, it’s something that needs to see change before the effect cannot be reversed.

While it’s extremely important for us to find new ways to replace plastics, it’s also important that we remove what rubbish we have already put into the ocean, either through nets, or beach clean ups.

BLOND:ISH have announced that on August 21st they will host a gathering of people with the goal of cleaning Playa d’en Bossa of any and all litter. The duo rose to prominence through their work on Kompakt, Get Physical and other labels, and it’s great to see well known DJs use their influence in a completely selfless way.

As part of their ‘sustainable raving’ ethos, BLOND:ISH will host anyone interested in helping out at Beachouse in Playa d’en Bossa at 6pm, with the clean up taking place from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Equipment and drinking water will be provided.

Alongside the beach clean up, the pair will also play at the 10th anniversary of the Ibiza Preservation Foundation on August 22nd. Partners for the events include International Music Summit, Castia Verde, Ibiza Preservation Foundation and Woomoon.

BLOND:ISH said: “Chasing the sun and playing parties in paradise is next level amazing, but we all collectively unconsciously forgot about one important thing in our consumerism-driven society when moving from the city to the sensitive ecosystems of paradise… Single use plastics in our scene are not sustainable anywhere, they are killing the creatures in our oceans and disrupting our planet beyond comprehension. We want to change that and NOW.”