Daniele Di Martino talks DJing, future releases and support from Solomun

Daniele di Martino is putting in the work to secure his place amongst the next generation of Germany’s elite, and with previous releases on Stil Vor Talent and Bar 25, he’s well on his way.

We had a chat with the Berlin based DJ and producer to talk about his upcoming gigs and future releases. The Mono.Noise label boss is preparing for the next chapter, which will include music on Metanoia, Poesie Musik and his own label. Catch the full interview below.

Daniele! I hope you’re doing well, how are things in Berlin?

All good so far, enjoying the last sunny days here.

You are about to put your Mangan EP out with the Metanoia label, tell us about it? How did this one come together in the studio?

The release will be on the 19th of October and both tracks have been produced at my room in the ‘River Side Studios’, here in Berlin.

It includes two originals, no talk of a remix this time around?

The label and me, we decided to keep the focus on the original tracks.

And your next gig will find you play at Berlin club Katerblau, what do you have planned for the crowd?

Yes, at the Metanoia label night this Sunday. Normally I just prepare the first five or six tracks and check how the crowd reacts to them and from their I decide depending on the mood of the crowd what to play next.

Do you play a lot of your own music in your sets or stick to your incoming promo folder?

I try to play as many originals in a set but not every track fits into a certain mood that you create while playing. So it’s mostly a mix of my own tracks, promos and some bought tracks.

You also have two releases scheduled during November, what labels are you working with on those?

First EP will be on Poesie Musik with a remix from Martin Waslewski and the second EP will be on Mono.Noise together with Rocko Garoni (Second State), including remixes from Martin Eyerer and Matthias Schuell. But the second release maybe has to be moved into December.

And apart from the Katerblau show, where else can we find you playing in the next while?

More studio time for me but the next big show will be at the SEMF festival in Stuttgart on the 8th of December.

Thanks a lot for taking some time to chat, anything else you have in the pipeline that you think is worth mentioning?

Solomun played one of my demos at Tomorrowland this year. Release will be not on his label but something comparable in the beginning of 2019. Already super excited for this EP.

Thanks for having me and see you soon.

Preorder ‘Mangan’ here, or stream ‘Contrast’ below.