Interview: Dimmish

Solid Grooves, Deeperfect, Moan and Avotre are just a small portion of the labels that Dimmish has managed to bring his music to.

Now, the Italian producer will debut on another label, Darius Syrossian’s Moxy Muzik, with a remix for the label bosses new original, Soul Fire.

We helped him prepare for the forthcoming release by briefly discussing his approach to the edit, if he’ll be releasing on Moxy Muzik again, and what he enjoys about his career as a DJ.

You’re about to release your new remix for Darius Syrossian’s ‘Soul Fire’ how did you approach the production on this one?

I really like the use of a piano, so this was a heavy focus for me. I started to create the breakdown and then worked the rest of the track from there. I always like to test my tracks in clubs a few times, and then often I’ll go back into the studio and make some more changes.

And how did you come to remix the track in the first place?

I actually met Darius at an event in Manchester, and he invited me to come and play for one of his label showcases. He does them monthly in Manchester, and it was an amazing night – the venue had a really good vibe. After that night we stayed in touch and he mentioned the release, and that he would like me to remix.

It comes on his Moxy Muzik imprint, maybe we’ll see some original music from you on there soon?

Maybe soon, but there is nothing planned at the moment.

Can you tell us about any other labels you’ll be releasing with in the next few months?

Some interesting labels from London, but I cannot advise on all the plans at the moment – sorry! I also have a lot of unreleased tracks but actually I will release few EP’s this year.

How about as a DJ? What has you excited?

Everything about my job, and that I can call this a job. I love the weekends, it’s when I get to travel, meet new people, find and test new tracks from myself and other artists as well as get to hear sets from other artists. Travelling is always going to be a passion of mine, and getting to see so many new places, even if only for a day is an amazing part of being a DJ.

You’re Italian, what makes the Italian club scene special?

Definitely the people and the vibes. What more do you need?

And what’s your favourite Italian club to play?

Hmmm, I can’t actually choose one, as they are all different in their own way. I think maybe when I go to play in Veneto or Rimini at Buongiorno Classic, I know I feel right at home.

Before we go, good luck with the release! Let’s wrap things up with some advice you would give to emerging artists?

I do not think I am that good at giving advice, but I know that I would say continue to study! Listen to music in your spare time and try, try, and try again when you are in the studio to find your own sound.

Dimmish remix for Darius Syrossian’s Soul Fire is out Feb 28th on Moxy Muzik.