Disclosure have confirmed their third album is coming

London based siblings Guy and Howard Lawrence have formally announced that their current hiatus as Disclosure has finally come to an end. The brothers broke the news by unveiling five tracks in five days across their social media accounts, and to the delight of fans.

Also making the announcement that they plan to follow up in 2019 with the release of their third studio album. The duo’s first two long players, Settle and Caracal both debuted at #1 on the UK albums chart, and we wonder will it be three for three come next summer?

Moonlight, Where Angels Fear To Tread, Love Can Be So Hard, Funky Sensation and Where You Come From are the tracks debuted last week, and besides Ultimatum, which came in May 2018 this is the first time Disclosure have premiered music since the release Caracal.

Speaking to Annie Mac on her BBC Radio 1 show the pair said “We seem to be back right now. It’s definitely been a while. 100 percent an album is being made – that’s for sure. Whether or not these songs make it [on the album] is yet to be seen. We’ve been writing a lot. We reckon we’ve put together about 80 to 100 different ideas over the past year, but we have no idea which of them, if any, will actually be on the album. It’s a serious track listing job to come now. Now we’re going to start moving onto the next step and start working with some vocalists.”

You can stream all five new Disclosure tracks below.