Evermix want their users to invest + new Android app

Evermix, the company behind the innovative MixBox software and hardware package are letting their users come on board as investors of the company, alongside announcements of a brand new Android compatible app which will be released August of this year.

The MixBox works by allowing DJs to connect the audio out on their mixer to their smart phone if they have the Evermix app installed, you can then upload, save or livestream your mix in high quality.

Their campaign on Crowd Cube is asking backers for £300,000 in exchange for 7.5% of the companies equity. The money will be put towards accelerating the growth and reach of the brand. With 27 days currently remaining the campaign has raised £31,340.

Anyone who invests £250 or more will receive equity and receive a limited ‘Angel’ edition of the MixBox 2, along with access to both the iOS app and brand new Android app as soon as it becomes available.

You can find more info and invest in Evermix here.