Interview: Fabio Florido

A run of massive releases for techno labels like Plus 8, Second State, Rukus, MOOD, SCI+TEC and minus have given Italian-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer Fabio Florido an accelerated path to the top of European club music.

Also working with genre pioneer Richie Hawtin, Fabio was chosen alongside some of the biggest names in his craft to rep PLAYdifferently as an ambassador for their innovative MODEL 1 mixer.

We caught up with the Italian talent to discuss his success in the studio, his brand new release for Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukouu Records, what labels he’ll be appearing on soon and what exactly a PLAYdifferently ambassador does. Grab the full interview below.

Fabio! What’s up? Having a good week so far?

Hi guys! Yes, actually a great start to the week. Over the weekend I was playing in Prague and Pescara (central Italy). Now I’m going up to the north of Italy by train. Weather is amazing along the whole country, I’m literally in love with the landscapes I’m looking at right now, stunning! Travelling by train is like therapy.

This month finds you release on Simina Grigoriu’s Kuukou Records, how did that come to be?

Simina and I have a very special friendship. You know when you meet someone and you feel like you’ve known each other from as far as you can remember? When you feel a sort of brother-sister sensation, something you can’t explain but you know somewhere that is very real? That’s exactly what happened between us, plus, we have shared some very special experiences together like a number of spiritual retreats that got us even closer. So, why give these tracks to anyone else when I have Simina and the label manager of Kuukou asking for my new music?

And the EP includes a remix from Simina herself, what was your reaction when the remix came back?

Big smile on the face! Even though I’m not a fan of remixes in general, I’m very happy that she could give her interpretation to one of my tracks. But, in a no-friends scenario, I don’t accept to remix or be remixed.

You’ve also released on labels like Second State, Plus 8 and SCI+TEC, what other labels will you be adding to the list in 2019?

I have three more EPs due for release. I’ve got a five-tracker that comes straight from the heart – more emotional and deep. And the other two are dancefloor EPs – very powerful. One is already signed – stay tuned for details around autumn, and I’m also in the process of talking with some labels and thinking where’s the best place for this new music!

How about touring? Anything exciting in the schedule?

Sure, everything is exciting, every gig big or small, club or festival! The main thing is to have fun no matter the environment in order to transmit your vibes to 10, 100 or thousands of people.

But if you want some names, I’m particularly looking forward to Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos August 14th, Sunwaves Festival in Romania on the 17th, Il Muretto in Venezia at the end of the month and Privilege Ibiza in September.

You’re an ambassador for PLAYdifferently’s MODEL 1, how did that happen?

It was such a natural and organic process. By the time Rich had the first prototype in his hands we were already friends for some years, coming back from my residency at Space Ibiza for his party ENTER., a release on Minus and we both lived in Berlin. I remember he invited some DJ friends to his house to see the beauty as if it was his newborn child. He gave us an initial explanation and I was blown away, seriously. I think he felt my reaction and within a few days, I had a prototype for a week to try at home.

A few months later we were having the first party all together playing with MODEL1 at Watergate in Berlin. The mixer became the extension of my hands and without thinking twice I was announced as an ambassador!

And what exactly does a MODEL 1 ambassador do?

In the beginning, we were the testers while the mixer was still in the process. We were touring and always playing with it, then sending feedback on our impressions, our ideas, what we liked, what we wanted to be improved and so on. When the mixer was finally publicly released, a number of interviews followed. All the ambassadors were the first connection between the new machine and the world, which wanted to know its features, and of course, its incredible and unique sound.

Rich created some tour gigs called PLAYdifferently so that people could come and experience the new sound this mixer brought to the market. These are still going, and the next one will actually be at Privilege in Ibiza on September 10th! Then, we are giving classes in music/DJ schools in different countries, usually connected to a gig later in the night. Let’s see what the future will bring but I feel a lot more is still to come.

Thanks a lot for talking to us Fabio! Let’s close things out with your favourite track so far this year?

It’s ANNA’s track Spectral – out on Afterlife Records. Thanks for the nice questions guys.

Fabio Florido’s Twilight EP is out now on Kuukou Records.