Interview: Fatima Hajji

Spanish DJ, producer and label boss Fatima Hajji has been one of the countries fastest rising techno exports for some time. Her work with labels like Unity and Himmel have allowed for a steady supply of energetic techno, but it’s via her own imprint that we’ve really seen her shine.

Andre Crom, Steve Mulder, Drunken Kong, Loco & Jam and more have brought music to Fatima’s Silver M label, alongside music from herself. As a DJ, she prepares for a spring/summer schedule which finds her play to crowds in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

We caught up with her to discuss to life on the road, what she has planned for Silver M, and a mention about her brand new remix for DJ Pierre’s Acid Track.

Good day Fatima! Tell us how are things going for you at the moment?

Hi guys, thanks for having me. I’m highly satisfied, working hard while I’m in the studio and enjoying my gigs as I’m now going to many different places and amazing parties. Meeting ravers from all over the world and sharing emotions through the music who make us dance together is a fantastic feeling.

You recently remixed DJ Pierre’s classic ‘Acid Track’ for the 35th anniversary release, how did it feel to be chosen for the project?

Amazing, he is an icon so I’m honored. Also the track is an anthem, so I tried to do my best to inject my own style. The production process was so fast and fluid for me, then I tested it on the floor and it was great. I’m happy.

You launched the Silver M imprint in 2016 and have brought some amazing tracks so far, what do you have planned on there for the rest of 2019?

We’ve been working on the label for 3 years now and it is very pleasant to have so many great releases on board. I wanna thank all the artists involved. During this month we’ll welcome like likes of JDam, George Makrakis, and Superstrobe to Silver M.

Let’s talk about your life on the road, what events and festivals are you looking forward to this summer?

Tour life is 30% airports and planes, 20% road transfers, 30% sleeping or chilling in hotels and 10% of massive fun for me (it’s when I’m playing in the parties). So, after this and if all is running on time we sometimes have another 10% of miscellaneous.

When I have time I like to have a walk and be a tourist; I love to see the world, nature, people, cities… our planet is amazing and I’m grateful to be able to visit so many places. I’m really excited with many incoming gigs, in May I will have my first gig in Japan and also in Thailand; USA in June, some Ibiza appointments during the summer and many big festivals across Europe.

And finally before we go, give us one track we should listen to after finishing this interview?

The Outsiders – Christian Cambas (T78 Remix).