Five Tracks: Montel

Releases with a number of excellent labels like Glasgow Underground, ViVa Music, Bedrock and Sincopat have allowed Belfast based DJ, producer and label boss Montel the chance to surround himself with a catalogue of music that really stands out from the crowd.

Through heading up Misfit Music under the team at Thompsons Garage, he has also put out tunes from guys like Rudosa, Spektre and Boxia, and he very recently launched a new techno label in Miles From Mars.

The most recent five tracks finds us hook up with the Irish talent as he tells us five of his top old techno gems, with inclusions from the likes of Funk D’Void, Soulmate, Dave Angel, Underground Resistance and Safety Sessions. You can find the full list below, including words from Montel and streams for each choice.

Safety Sessions – Maru Pt.2 A1

An amazing piece of Techno from Swedish heavyweights Adam Beyer & Joel Mull. I remember the first time I heard this track so vividly. It was on my first trip to Ibiza in 2001. My friends and I had rented a villa and we always listened to the Cadena 100 before heading out to the clubs. This track really stuck with me and when I returned home I heard many other DJs playing it. It has this real driving groove and the melody is so uplifting. It still sounds amazing and so unique, even 17 years on!

Funk D’void – Diabla (Heavenly Mix)

This was easily one of the biggest techno tracks around the early 00’s. The original album mix on ‘Dos’ is very dark and heavy. Funk D’void’s Heavenly Mix really took the track to a whole new level. Very uplifting and energetic and perfect for closing a set with. What Lars created with this track and the ‘Dos’ album is very special.

Underground Resistance – Jupiter Jazz

I didn’t discover this track til 2006 when it was re-issued on the UR label. I’d known about Underground Resistance for quite a few years before this and remember seeing Mike Banks, Los Hermanos, Rolando etc. play in Belfast. Detroit Techno is very special. A lot of the time many people wouldn’t even call it techno. However, it’s techno in its truest form. It’s ‘futuristic’ music! Jupiter Jazz was made in 1992. This music was so forward thinking at the time. It has all the soul and funk that Detroit is known for, but with a gritty defiant edge!

Dave Angel – Body Punch Funk

I’ve always been a big fan of Dave Angel. UK techno at its finest. I used to go and see him play a lot back in the day. His sets were so pumping but always had so much funk. The hard edged and serious side of techno always put me off at the start, but DJs and Producers like Dave Angel showed me that techno has soul!

Soulmate – Move

Another funky techno monster courtesy of Soulmate aka. Deetron. I never really knew of Deetron as a DJ back in the day, but his Soulmate tracks were hammered by many of my favourite techno jocks. Again, it was tracks like this that really inspired me and made me love techno, just as much as house!

Stream Montel’s brand new ‘Miles From Mars’ EP below.