Five Tracks: Rudosa

One of British techno’s most decorated producers, Rudosa, boasts releases for labels such as Terminal M, Suara, 1605 and Tronic.

Alongside his productions on other labels, he also recently launched an imprint of his own, Moments In Time, where he has so far brought us tracks from Blicz, Hush & Sleep, Reform and Gijensu.

We recently got in touch with him to get his picks for five of his all-time favourites, where he includes cuts from Jeff Mills, Kerri Chandler, Mathew Jonson and others. Get the full list below.

Jeff Mills – The Bells
Label: Purpose Maker

I can’t not include this in my top five, Jeff is the master of techno and got me into the sound I love today. I think this was also voted Awakenings number one record of all time, to which I agree. Whenever I hear this track, it always reminds me of how much I love it, and always will. Therefore, it has to make the Top five.

Mathew Jonson – Marionette
Label: Wagon Repair

Personally, I think Mathew Jonson is one of the best producers on the planet. This record takes me back to Cocoon at Amnesia, with the sun coming up, and everyone on the terrace in a complete trance around you as one of the originals drops this in their set. Good times.

Kerri Chandler – Atmosphere
Label: Ibadan Records

Housemaster Kerri Chandler is arguably one of the best. This track found a new life for me this past summer whilst in lockdown, especially when we had some amazing weather in the UK. I had the BBQ fired up, my family with me and the tunes turned on high, this track could be heard most days. It honestly is so uplifting with such good vibes it helped me stay happy and positive. Music has such an effect on the mind.

Darren Tate Vs. Jono Grant – Let The Light Shine In
Label: Legacy Of Trance Recordings

Big curveball this one, but it brings back great memories for me. I first heard it at the first-ever event I went to in the mid 2000s for Creams Birthday at Nation Liverpool. I think that night created the love for euphoria I still try to carry through in my music to this day.

Hardcell – Cavok
Label: Skunkworks

A relatively unknown record and actually quite new to me, but I have spent a large amount of this year hunting for late 90s/early 00s techno records and this is one of my favourite finds. I can’t wait to play it on a long set when shows return.

Rudosa welcomes Hioll’s Subdued Nation EP to his Moments In Time imprint on January 29th.