Five Tracks: Tiger Stripes

Following a number of releases for Drumcode, Cajual, Get Physical and Strange Idols, Mikael Nordgren and his Tiger Stripes project find themselves back on Adam Beyer’s genre-leading imprint, this time for the release of his new Back In Black EP.

To coincide with the release, we welcome Nordgren to Inflyte to partake in our Five Tracks series, where he lists his favourite synth pop tracks, including cuts from Boytronic, Johannes Heil and Cybersonik on labels like Forte Records, Plus 8 and BCM Records. Get the full list, including words from Mikael himself below.

Boytronic – Brylliant (33 1/3 Plus 8 Remix)
Label: BCM Records
Release: 1986

I was 10 years old when I discovered electronic music and Boytronic was one of the more underground synth pop acts I was listening to, alongside bigger bands like New Order and Kraftwerk. Brylliant is from ’86 and in my ears it still sounds fresh today. Discovering Boytronic made me understand it was worth digging a bit deeper in the vinyl crates, finding the more rare but very cool records with bands like SPK, and DAF.

I also loved the way these bands looked, so my mother took me to the ladieswear department and bought some weird looking blouses and black leather pants. On my request she then dyed black stripes in my hair after giving it a proper a perm and cut, something close to Martin Gore from Depeche Mode’s gumby. Good times! I was living in a really small town and I was the only boy looking like this. My sister was really embarrassed about how I looked. Sorry sis!

Cybersonik – Technarchy
Label: Plus 8
Release: 1990

More powerful synths on this funky gem from 1990, produced by Richie Hawtin, Daniel Bell and John Acquaviva. This track is full of cool electronic, classic sounding elements and it sounds just as amazing now as when it was released 30 years ago. So good!

Havana – Disorder
Label: Limbo Records
Release: 1993

Great sounding, rolling synthesizers on this hot track from 1993. Makes me feel like I’m on a runaway train. This used to be a big track for Sasha back in the day and it’s easy to understand why as it’s simple but so very epic and powerful. Fantastic track!

Adam Beyer – No Defeat No Retreat
Label: Drumcode
Release: 2020

Moving on to some current synth pop now and I’m loving the little nod towards Visage’s New Romantic classic Fade to Gray on this track and the quirky vocals are super nice. I think this is one of Adam’s coolest tracks to date. Well done boss!

Ural 13 Diktators – Total Destruction (Johannes Heil Remix)
Label: Forte Records
Release: 2000

I can’t wait until we all can get together and party again. I miss playing so much, it feels like a lifetime ago. But we will be together again and meanwhile I will turn this synth techno masterpiece up to 11 and dance like a mad man, together with my wife and kids!

Tiger Stripes – Back In Black EP is out now on Drumcode.