After finding his passion for house music while growing up in his home country of Chile, Francisco Allendes relocated to Ibiza and has since flourished as a DJ, holding down a residency with ANTS for the past seven years.

He has also seen success as a producer and has released his productions with some top labels, including Desolat, VIVa Music and Armada Subjekt.

We caught up with the Chilean talent to discuss the forthcoming season with ANTS, where he might be releasing music in the next months and more. Grab the full interview below.

Good day Francisco! How are things going for you at the moment?

Things are pretty good actually! I’m just back in Ibiza after the weekend and ready to dive into the summer season. I’m very excited for the next months that are coming up.

You joined ANTS for a huge show in Naples on Sunday alongside Andrea Oliva, Richy Ahmed and more, how was it?

It was next level – I personally think Napoli is one of the best places in the world to play and to be there yesterday with the colony was awesome! I played the sunset slot and the vibes were incredible. I can’t wait to be back!

What about the coming ANTS Ibiza season which kicks off next month at Ushuaia?

ANTS in Ushuaïa is like home for me. It’s the 7th year I’ve been playing at the party and every year it gets better. This year I’m playing five times, the first on June 8th, a bunch of times in August and last one for the closing party.

Every date will be special but I am very, very excited about my b2b with DJ Sneak on August 31st. We already played together in Miami for WMC and had a lot of fun, so I’m really looking forward to this one. I have so many good memories playing ANTS – it’s my family, and I’m sure 2019 is going to be another spectacular season.

Give us one DJ you think is going to make a big statement on the island this summer?

I have in two DJs in mind that I think will rock the island this summer. They are not really ‘new names’, but I’m sure Emanuel Satie and Alex Kennon are gonna make some big steps this season.

You grew up in Chile but now live in Ibiza, how much did the move play a part in the success you’ve found as a DJ?

I’m certain that what I’ve achieved so far wouldn’t be possible if I was still in Chile. I worked there to the max that could be done, and it was from the music I produced living in Santiago that I got invited to come to Ibiza. However, to open doors in this industry you have to do it in person – meet people, show your work, and for that there is no better place than Ibiza!

It’s extremely competitive since everybody comes here with the same dream of breaking through in the electronic dance music scene, but the truth is that you really have a much bigger chance to do it being here compared to sitting in front of a computer 50,000 km’s away sending emails to labels and clubs hoping they will listen to your demo. My first summer here made a big change in my career so I decided to stay, it’s been almost 9 years since that day and I think it’s been the best decision I could have made.

And as a producer you have released with Desolat, VIVa Music and Armada Subjekt among others, are there any big projects you have in the works that we might hear soon?

My remix for Ronnie Spiteri will be out on Do Not Sleep very soon. After that I have a track being released on Moon Harbour around the end of June, and then my first release for KMS including a Kevin Saunderson remix is out July plus a three track EP on Rawthentic Music in August. More things are coming after summer but I can´t tell yet.

Thanks a lot for taking some time out to connect with us, anything else you want to mention before we go?

Thanks to you guys for getting in contact, I hope to see you around in Ibiza, if you come I will be here!

Ronnie Spiteri – Tunnel Ride (Francisco Allendes Remix) is out on Do Not Sleep on May 31st.