Interview: Hassler

Spanish powerhouse Coyu has been a dominating force on the Barcelona techno scene for years, whether it’s releasing his own productions on Relief, Drumcode and Bedrock, or the tracks of others via his own Suara imprint, he’s always been on top of his game.

Now aiming to spread his wings a little, Coyu welcomes another ‘guise to the world in the form of his new Hassler moniker. Reserved strictly for house and disco cuts, the first release from the project comes on Patrick Topping’s Trick label.

Speaking briefly to him recently, we got to ask why he felt he needed to launch a new alias, how he came to release on Trick, what he’s been up to during lockdown and more. Get the full discussion below.

First let’s chat about the new project, why have you launched Hassler?

I’m a very eclectic artist, and I always liked house and disco, but my profile as Coyu is going in a very techy direction, so I decided to split projects and keep my most disco and house tracks for Hassler. I think it’s the right move. I want to keep playing other genres but I don’t think it’s appropriate to do it as Coyu.

The debut release comes on Patrick Topping’s Trick imprint, how did that come about?

If you know me well, I’m sure you know that since 2016 I’ve not really been into tech house. The genre became too commercial and boring. But I like the way Trick works and the way they have taken tech house to the next level.

Patrick’s sound is a mix between house, disco, techno and tech house and he has gave Trick a very distinctive sound, something very different to the rest of tech house labels. That’s why it’s the only label that has received Hassler tracks so far. I believe in the way he works.

And how would you describe the three tracks on the EP?

Hassler is a mix between high BPM house and disco, and the Icke EP is a good example of that. Sometimes Hassler may be funky, others chunky and sexy, but always fun. And I think the three tracks on the EP are very fun.

Will you also be playing sets under the Hassler name?

As soon as this shit ends, I’ll start to play Hassler sets. Cannot wait!

You’re based in Barcelona, a city known for having a vibrant club scene, how have you been keeping yourself busy during lockdown?

I’ve been very busy working on new music, not just for Hassler but Coyu and my third moniker Esprit Divers. My first record as Esprit Divers came out recently on Kompakt.

And do you have any special plans when things finally return to normal again?

Party a lot!

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, before we go, tell us which track from the EP we should listen to first?

The Wrong Call.

Hassler’s Icke EP is out now on Trick.