Inflyte Radar: ADMNTi

Following a run of releases for imprints like Dansu Discs and Beeyou Records, and a steady stream of bookings with the FUSE parties, London-based DJ & producer ADMNTi will now debut on the Enzo Siragusa-owned record label of the same name.

His 5-track ‘Vibrations’ EP – which lands in a couple of weeks – will offer up four lean, club-primed originals alongside an excellent remix from Malin Genie.

We recently had a brief chat with the UK artist as he joins us for our latest on Inflyte Radar, where we spoke about the new EP, what he’s hopeful for in 2024, and his favourite memories of playing for FUSE. Read the full interview with ADMNTi below.

You’re on our Inflyte Radar this month, tell everyone what you’ve been up to recently?

Thanks for having me! Stepping into the new year, I’ve been planning out a lot of goals for the year, mapping out things with my bookers, as well as preparing for upcoming releases. Although I had some great shows to close out 2023, it’s also very important and rewarding to have some downtime with friends and family too.

Other than that, plenty of digging and making some new tracks, some of which will be dropping later in the year. I’ve also been working with Studio Orbit on more content for their music tutorial platform. Alongside Kepler, Wickham, and Boss Priester, we’ve been working behind the scenes on the development of their first VST plugin.

It’s been really fun getting into more sound design and creating sounds for the presets so people can use them in their music production. There will be more to come, and the first one, ‘Revival’, should be out by the time this is published and leans towards the sounds of 90s house and techno.

You’ll soon be making your debut outing with FUSE for the release of your new ‘Vibrations’ EP, talk us through the four originals on this one?

So, the tracks on this release were produced over the last three years, with the title track having been made in 2021. Often it’s a case of creating tracks in the space of a few months that end up coupled together for a single release. However in this case, there was a lot of fine-tuning and careful A&R work from FUSE and myself to ensure the tracks were special, but also worked together as a whole body of work – which I think we’ve collectively nailed.

All the tracks were made in my studio in East London, which is the perfect space for me to make music. This EP is the most accurate depiction of my sound and the influence I have from genres I grew up on and that I’m still regularly listening to. Lots of jungle and drum & bass pads and basslines, which are particularly prominent in ‘Vibrations’ and ‘Original Sin’. There are also some hip-hop influences in ‘Skeam’, which is a bonus digital track; you’ll hear some really crazy turntable scratches incorporated in the breakdown that tie in with that.

I got quite deep on sampling some of the key components of these tracks from old records, which you can hear with the vocal on ‘Infinite Function’, which came from a really old test record from the ’70s that was used to check your hi-fi was working correctly.

And it also includes a remix from Malin Genie, what’s your thoughts on his edit?

Malin is someone who I’ve followed closely for many years, so when he was drafted for the remix on this I was really keen to hear what his take was on the original. He’s a top-tier producer who has mastered a few different styles of what we know as house and techno, so I wasn’t sure which direction he would take – but I knew it would be special.

His version of ‘Vibrations’ blew me away when I first heard it, and myself and Enzo were really blown away by what he had sent over as a first idea. Once he had made a few minor changes to the arrangement and mixed it down, it became the full package, a pacey house number that has a softness in places, drum switch-ups and the most beautiful rhodes chords. The acid line that comes in nearer the end of the track is absolutely sublime too! It’s fair to say this brought something to the EP that it didn’t yet have, a perfect way to round things off.

You’ve been booked at FUSE quite regularly over the years, what’s been some of your favourite memories playing for them?

Off the bat – playing with Voigtmann in fabric’s infamous Room 1 for Halloween in 2022 was a highlight. It was my debut in Room 1 and we closed it out after Enzo and tINI. Claus is someone who I have an immense amount of love and respect for, not only a highly skilled producer but in my eyes he’s one of few DJ’s that is never off and delivers every, single, time. It felt like just two guys hanging out playing records, really comfortable, which is the ideal situation in these sets.

Playing at Lab11 last year was an incredible experience too. Funnily enough, I was opening up before Enzo and Voigtmann played together afterwards. I felt super relaxed in the booth and was really happy with my set, which started off pretty deep and minimal, building up to the more electro-tinged tech house of the early ’00s. The sound system in that room is fantastic – shouts to the sound magician Flynn, who rejigged things in there for optimal vibrations.

Having all the FUSE crew and the likes of Laidlaw, Rossko, and some of our close mates there was the cherry on top. It’s always nice to have your family by your side in these special moments!

Which other record labels might we expect to see you on this year?

There’s nothing concrete yet with any external labels, but there are certainly some that I am in talks with and working on things for. I’ll be releasing some music this year on my own imprint, which I will be launching in a few months time. I’m really excited about this as it’s a new chapter and a new ‘plant’ that I can water and grow. It’ll also be a place where I’ll be releasing some collaborative works with some really amazing musicians and artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

And what goals have you set yourself for 2024?

In terms of production – I’m looking forward to experimenting more and developing my sound. I don’t think there’s ever a finish line with this, as we constantly pick up new experiences and skills. It’s a never-ending voyage. I’m really happy with the stuff I produced last year and I’m excited to spread my wings a little more into other stuff I’ve been making behind closed doors. Some are a bit freaky and atmospheric, some are very much party-time stuff, and there’s even some hip-hop that is infused with live instruments.

Which clubs or festivals are you most excited to play at this year?

I’ll be heading back to After Caposile this month, which is always a fantastic time! I will also be playing at the fantastic Gottwood Festival for the first time this year, one of my favourite UK festivals. There’s a really intimate secret show at the Pickle Factory this month, which will be a very nice surprise for those who can work it out! Other than that, I’m hoping to get over to Australia and New Zealand this year, and also squeeze in a South America tour at some point too.

Annoyingly, some other clubs and festivals that have been on my bucket list for YEARS are in the process of being confirmed, meaning I can’t shout about them yet, but you’ll find out about them soon enough. (Apologies for being the ‘big things coming’ guy!)

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

I just want to thank you guys for having this chat with me and to all those who spend their weekends with us at clubs and festivals around the world. It truly wouldn’t be possible without them, as well as the bookers, organisers, and sound engineers who work hard to put on amazing parties.

ADMNTi – Vibrations EP is out February 16th on FUSE.