Inflyte Radar: Djammin

London-based artist Djammin has already demanded attention as both a grime MC and a music producer in the past. Now turning his ear to house music once again, he return’s to Más Tiempo for the release of his brand new single ‘Bounce’.

The sing;e comes as the first track in a larger EP release, which will be out soon on the Skepta & Jammer owned record label.

We spoke to Djammin for this month’s Inflyte Radar feature, where we got to talk to him about ‘Bounce’, his relationship with house music, and which grime classic he would love to turn into a club track.

What have you been up to in June so far?

This month has been amazing. I have had time to be in the studio working on new music with some great artists, which has been fun. I also have a show coming up at the Serpentine Gallery, which will be a new experience.

You just returned to Más Tiempo to release your new single ‘Bounce’ – how would you describe the track in your words?

‘Bounce’ is something that I feel brings a fun, energetic vibe to house music. When it’s dropped in a club, it will wake you up if you were sleeping and get you moving, lol. It’s a track that shows a small fraction of my musical scope.

And it’s part of a larger EP which is coming out at a later date, what can we expect from that?

This EP is to give a little insight into the music you will be hearing from me in the future. It won’t always be in a specific direction or following a specific sound; I like to take risks and experiment with my music, and this EP will show a little bit of that.

You’ve been involved in the UK grime scene for a long time, who put you onto house music? And what tipped the scales to make the switch with this new alias?

I wouldn’t say I have a completely new alias. I’m always Jammin in anything I do. With Djammin, the silent D is something I’m doing as a little rebrand. The switch was something that came about from Skepta and Jammer starting Más Tiempo. I’ve always been a producer creating different-sounding music, but I never really got to show this side of my sound. Doing house music, but with this new path, I can show the world how my mind ticks with music.

What’s something grime has taught you that you’ve carried over into making house music?

Be yourself. Your individuality is what will carve out your lane for you, so just be true to yourself as best as possible.

Which classic grime track would you love to put a house spin on some day?

Sick question: who says I haven’t done it already? Haha. But yeah, I think it would be JME’s ‘Serious’.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

Yeah, just stay locked into what I’m doing on the journey, and it will be fun. I hope to put out music you all love and enjoy. Blessings and love to you all.

Djammin – Bounce is out now on Más Tiempo.