Inflyte Radar: Fiberroot

Emerging Spanish talent Fiberroot has been carefully building a solid helm of well produced club sounds, with releases on Suara, Ellum and Correspondant in the past 12 months.

Now debuting on Barcelona’s Clash Lion label, headed up by Shall Ocin, TERR and Daniel Watts, the Valencia based artist puts out his Tierra EP, consisting of two original tracks and a remix from the label’s Shall Ocin.

The EP is a promising leap for both Fiberroot and Clash Lion, and we couldn’t help but invite him for a chat where he spoke of how the release came together, what he’s planning for the future and more.

You’re on our radar this month Fiberroot! How are you?

I’m fine, thanks for asking. I’ve been making a lot of music lately from my home in Valencia and of course, I am very excited about this release. I’m really happy with my two original tracks and Shall’s remix adds something new to the mix.

Your new track Roccodrillo is about to drop on Clash Lion, tell us how the record came to be?

It’s always more or less the same, just jamming in the studio with my machines…synths, effects and stuff, I drop a beat in the drum machine and start to create something over it, to see what happens. ‘Con Licencia Sobonei’ on the EP was a jam I did with a friend, he recorded the vocals and I worked around it later. I know Shall Ocin well, and dropped the tracks over to see what he thought – and now we are releasing it!

And how has the support been for the release?

The label has been really supportive and the feedback we have generated so far has also been excellent. So, I am happy. It’s quite a different track and might not fit into everyone’s sets, so I am surprised to see so many amazing comments. I put a lot of effort into this EP, so it’s a pleasure to finally share it with everyone.

Your music has been seen on Sincopat and Suara in the past, what other labels besides Clash Lion have you been considering working with?

I have had other releases on labels including Ellum and Correspondant in the past also. It was a great experience working with both of them, as well as Sincopat and Suara. I think all these labels, including Clash Lion are very open minded in an artistic way, which I appreciate as this is the way I work in the studio.

How important do you think social media is for new DJs and producers?

It’s important, of course. Publicity and marketing have always been important. Some people do it more often than others. I think that a lot of people are more into Instagram and all its filters and audio filters than posting good content. It’s fine for me either way, and we all have to do a little bit – but at the end of the day the audience can always chose what they want to view, like and repost.

What kind of setup are you using in the studio? Is it all digital or are you working out of the box?

I always try to mix both worlds. Of course, the digital revolution was something that we cannot live without anymore, but at the same time I still love the feeling of touching faders and knobs and doing the music in a more organic and live way. I think the balance between the live part and the digital part is the secret.

Do you have any concrete goals for the 2018 year?

My goals for 2018 and all the forthcoming years are the same, to make good music, play the most I can and discover new forms of art and new challenges.

Let’s wrap things up with your favourite tune at the moment, either for DJing or just to listen to?

I’ve been rediscovering a lot of 90s electronic stuff, techno, house, more experimental and ambient music. It’s very interesting to see how creative and bold they were at that time doing all that fabulous music with a thousand times less technology than we have today. It’s like a masterclass with the pioneers.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of electronic/rock mixtures, there are always good surprises and ideas. One special track: Headman – Moisture (Headman Club Version).

Fiberroot’s Tierra EP is out September 7th on Clash Lion, though you can stream it below.