Inflyte Radar: Ivaylo

Originally born in Bulgaria, house DJ and producer Ivaylo now resides in Oslo, Norway where he runs his own Bogota Records imprint, holds down a residency for the cities Jaeger Club and produces his own sounds.

This month our Inflyte Radar finds us link up with the Bulgarian to discuss everything from his label, to Jaeger Club and what he has planned for 2019. Get to know Ivaylo!

Hey Ivaylo, you’re on our Inflyte Radar this month! How are things?

Hey guys, thanks for the invite! I’m happy I managed to find some time to sit down and do this interview, it’s a kinda nice ‘take away’ from all the daily duties, between the studio and the office at Jaeger.

You grew up in Bulgaria, but are now based in Oslo, Norway, what big differences have you noticed between the two?

I guess the weather and the people. For me it’s kinda amazing, having a balance to be able to see things through two totally different points of view. After 22 years living in Norway, I feel Bulgarian here and Norwegian when I’m in Bulgaria. It’s a nice, colourful strange feeling.

And from what we understand, Ivaylo was also the name of a Bulgarian Rebel leader during the 13th century, is this where you source your alias from?

Hahaha, yes that’s correct! I actually have never made the association between Ivaylo the Rebel and myself, I mean, I’m just Ivaylo. I like using my real name!

You have done some impressive work with your Bogota Records so far, can you share any big plans for that in 2019?

Thank you, that’s lovely to hear! The plans are always the same, sign good music and release it out. I mean, music is such a true and honest element, it can’t get bigger than that. On the release plan, we have a new record coming out March 29th with two originals and a remix of mine on the flipside. Two more releases are in the Bogota pipeline for 2019 to come and that’s all.

And how about your own music on other labels? You’ve already released with Kwench and Cymawax, any others coming up?

Yes, there are a few new releases coming out this year! I decided to work primarily with Prins Thomas’s Full Pupp and Rett I Fletta, Cassy’s Kwench Records and of course my own label, Bogota Records, so naturally, my next releases are coming through them. There is a 12″ to come very soon on Full Pupp and another EP for Kwench, coming out at the end of June. I got another 12″ of mine coming out on Bogota midsummer and one on Rett I Fletta sometime at the end of the year.

You’re a weekly resident at Oslo’s Jaeger Club, what’s that like and how do you approach the set?

As I’m doing our Jaeger Mix series on Sundays, I have a new guest every Sunday. So the approaching to the set is fun and interesting, as everyone has a different sound.

Is it difficult to mix it up each time and give the same crowd something new?

You know, I love to edit everything that I buy and as I buy music on a weekly basis, I’m curious to play those new edits and sounds. I also have a folder on my usb, called working files – those are tracks of mine that I continuously change or add new elements to. Doing this has helped me to play different in a very natural way, each Sunday most of the time.

Thanks a lot for taking some time out to chat, anything else you want to mention before we go!?

Thank you for taking the time with me!