Inflyte Radar: Jaden Thompson

The latest emerging talent to make an appearance on our Inflyte Radar is London based DJ and producer Jaden Thompson.

Alongside his releases on Material and Emerald City, Thompson recently returned to The Martinez Brothers’ Cuttin’ Headz imprint for his three track Control Freak EP.

Perhaps Jaden’s most impressive feat so far, is his recently announced residency for London club fabric, alongside other promising prospects like Tommy Vercetti and Lindsey Matthews.

We asked Jaden about his new EP, the fabric residency, his success on Spotify and more. Read the full discussion below.

You’re on our Inflyte Radar this month Jaden! How are things going in your career right now?

Thanks for having me! It’s all going well at the moment. I’m sitting on a lot of unreleased music which has been getting great support by some big DJs.

You just released an EP with The Martinez Brothers’ Cuttin’ Headz imprint, tell us about it? Did anything special happen in the studio this time around?

Yeah shouts to the Bros for having me back on the label. I made the instrumental for Control Freak and sent some ideas to Solo Tamas for the vocals. I got them back the next day and they ended up fitting perfectly over the track.

And how did you link up with the brothers?

The first time I met them was back in 2016 at a festival in Barcelona. I’d been in contact with them before then, sending demos over email, but it wasn’t until a few months after that they signed my debut release.

You’ve also released on Material and Emerald City, can you tell us about any other labels you might be releasing with soon?

I’ve got a release coming out early 2020 on PIV, which is a label that I’ve been a fan of for a while. The lead track ‘Thirsty Eyes’ has been supported heavily by Jamie Jones, Marco Carola and The Martinez Brothers, so I can’t wait for that to finally be released. There’s also a sick remix by Archie Hamilton.

‘Alright’ now has 300,000 plays over on your Spotify page, did you expect that kind of reception when you were making the track?

That’s crazy! Sometimes it’s hard to tell which tracks you think will do well, as it’s often the ones you don’t expect.

Do you use past success as inspiration at all?

Yeah I think it’s good to look back at where you started if you’re ever feeling un-inspired, but normally a good mix helps to get things moving.

A few months back we got the announcement that you’re now a resident of London’s fabric, what has that experience been like so far?

It’s still quite surreal to have the honour of playing at one of the most respected clubs in the world. The shows that I’ve played there have been incredible, and really force me to dig deeper for rarer music that I may not normally play elsewhere.

And how would you describe yourself as a DJ?

I’d say I’m pretty versatile when it comes to track selection, but I feel like there’s still a lot to learn through experience.

Thanks a lot for talking to us, and good luck with the fabric gigs, the Cuttin’ Headz EP and everything you have coming! Before we go, what’s been your favourite track of 2019 so far?

It’s been a pleasure! I had to look up my most played track this year: ‘Oh My God’ by Ben Hauke is a firm favourite – a masterpiece.

Jaden Thompson’s Control Freak EP is out now on Cuttin’ Headz.