Inflyte Radar: Jon Vanditti

Emerging Italian artist Joe Vanditti is the latest exciting talent to come across our Inflyte Radar, having previously appeared on record labels such as Deeperfect, MUSE, and Glasgow Underground.

We spoke to him about his experience working with record labels, what else we might hear from him soon, and his thoughts on Naples’ club scene. Read the full interview below.

How are things in the life of Joe Vanditti right now?

At this moment things are going well, I’ve received a lot of support for my new music, and also on my entire catalogue. Actually, I share the console with a lot of big artists that are inspirational to me, playing in big renowned clubs in Italy and over the world, so I’m happy for all things coming.

You’ve previously released music with Deeperfect, Glasgow Underground, and MUSE, what do you typically look for in a potential label partnership?

Before signing a record deal, I try out the track to find the right label that can promote the track in the best way and in the right channel, to give the most power to the release.

And what other labels can we expect to see you on in the coming months?

In the next few months I’ll release my music with Adunanza, Moan, Ibiza Talents, and many more. But you will discover soon.

You’re from Naples, a region with a strong club music history, who are some local artists that have inspired you so far in your career?

Yes, I’m from Naples. A city full of art and music. I don’t have a single name of a local artist, but I can say I had a lot of influences from some promoters like Angels Of Love, Orbeat, International Talent, etc.

Who are some other emerging artists from Naples that you think are worth checking out?

I think Naples has a lot of good DJs & producers, but if I had to say a name I think Alex Bohemien is worth checking out, I also have some collaborations with him.

What’s something you’re really excited about in 2024?

I’m really proud to have had the chance to sign the first release of Sound D’Elite, a new label from Ilario Alicante, one of my favourite DJs, and I’ll share the console with him in one of the most iconic clubs in Italy, Cocoricò.

Is there anything else you want to mention before we go?

I would like to give a tip to all young DJs and producers to believe in their music and don’t give up.