Inflyte Radar: Joren Edwards

Our Inflyte Radar is working overtime as usual, and the latest name to come down the line is that of emerging Dutch talent Joren Edwards.

A student of house music, Edwards recently made his debut as a producer with a three-track track EP on Moss Co., the imprint of Archie Hamilton.

We caught up with the youngster to chat about his inaugural release, studying music, what he has planned for the future and more.

Hi Joren, you’re on our Inflyte Radar this month, how are things going at the moment?

Hi there, things are going really well, thank you. At the moment I’m studying at the Herman Brood Academy and making a lot of music.

You recently made your debut as a producer with the three track ‘For The Terrace’ EP on Archie Hamilton’s Moss Co. imprint, tell us about your process with the production, mix and signing of that one?

It’s a funny story because last year Archie was playing at Thuishaven in Amsterdam, so I went there to hear him play. After his set I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him some questions about the music business. He gave me his personal email address so I was able to send my music directly to him. As a result of that I mailed him three tracks (For The Terrace EP) A couple of days later I saw the Instagram story of East End Dubs where Archie played the track called ‘Change’ on the Sunwaves Festival in Romania. The rest is history.

About the production process; when I started working on the first track, I made a pad with a bassline. After that I added a kick with some drums and I’m always using my own voice for the vocals, so all the vocals you hear on these three tracks are all my own.

With ‘Change’ I started with a 303 acid line and after that some pads and drums. The main groove was there, and yes also my own vocals on this one haha. With ‘Searching for you’ I started with my vocal first then I added a loop which I made myself, again with a nice pad from the Prophet and some of my own secrets.

And have you been busy in the studio? Anything new signed for the coming months?

I’ve got a remix coming up for Scott G. on a new label from London called ‘Miriam’. It will be out the end of May so really looking forward to that one. Next to that a new EP signing is there but I can’t say anything about that yet.

Most people in music production are self-taught, though you have studied at the Herman Brood Academy. What kind of influence do you think this has had on your approach?

It’s not only music production. I’m learning so much about the music business itself, for example understanding contracts and rights that you have as a producer. Also getting some pop history classes so your total development is being triggered. But my favourite thing about the academy is that you can work on your music in our basement, there are sound booths where you can make music on your own. Very cool.

Next month you’ll play Club Vaag in Antwerp and De Marktkantine in Amsterdam, are you looking forward to those?

Of course! Can’t wait to make my Belgian debut in a couple of weeks. It will be my first international booking so I’m very hyped for that. After that I’m playing at Kingsday After for Strafwerk at De Marktkantine, that place is magical so also looking forward to playing there.

And are you announcing any more forthcoming gigs soon?

I’ll be playing the 5th of May at Het Vrije Westen in Westerunie for Liberation Day and a very secret event in Holland half of May. End of June I’m again back at De Marktkantine, opening for a very cool b2b set of two big players from the Netherlands.

Before we go, give us one tune that you can’t seem to turn off right now?

T- Collective – Burnin.