Inflyte Radar: KinAhau

Emerging Mexican club talent KinAhau has been gradually finding his place as an artist, through releases for top house imprints like Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound and Michael Bibi’s Solid Grooves Records.

The latest production to come from his studio is a single release titled ‘Subject Study’ – which finds its way to us via the always impressive Revival New York imprint.

We welcome him to Inflyte for our latest Radar feature, where we discussed the new single, his success in 2023, and what he’s excited about going forward. Read the full interview with KinAhau below.

Hi mate, we hope you’re well. What have you been up to over the past couple of weeks?

Hey, all good here! These past couple of weeks have been filled with music and planning the release, loads of brainstorming and going back and forth with my team to make it as special as possible, since the record is so important to all of us. I’m very happy and proud with how everything is turning out.

You just dropped your latest single ‘Subject Study’ on Revival New York, talk us through the track in your own words?

It’s such an important record for me, and not because it’s the “prettiest” or “best” one I have made, but because of how much I learned from seeing it develop throughout the past couple of years before the release.

I had just turned 18 and moved from Mexico to Europe. I had no clue whether my ‘chasing the dream’ dream would work out or not, and no certainty about anything. After making the record and having the chance to give my music to Michael shortly after finishing it, everything changed, and not in the way of ‘success, money, etc.’, but everything changed in the sense of “wow, my ideas, regardless of what everyone else thinks, might be good” which I think is much more important nowadays, especially in my generation.

From there through to today, I’ve built a lot of confidence in what I want to do and where I want to go, and it’s all thanks to this record (and all the amazing people who have helped me).

You’ve also put music out with Solid Grooves Records and Knee Deep In Sound in the past, which other labels might we see added to the list in the near future?

I have no clue if I am being honest haha. At the moment, I’m just making loads and loads of music every day without thinking where they’ll end up. But I’m not really worried since I’ve learned with my past releases and this one that music has its own way of finding the right home.

You’re still at quite an early stage in your career, so it must feel pretty good to be getting support from the likes of Hot Since 82 and Michael Bibi?

Yes – but I think I’m still processing it day by day. Just two years ago, this seemed so far away. All I know is how grateful I am for it.

Have you got any forthcoming gigs that you’re particularly excited about?

Certainly! Next week I’m going to Paris, two weeks from that I have Almeria in Spain, and then I’m going that same week to Peru for a couple of shows. Yesterday, my agent told me about some possible dates in Chile and maybe doing something in China and Japan. It might not happen now, of course, but just knowing that the idea is floating around excites me.

And we’re getting quite close to the end of 2023, how has this year panned out for you in terms of what you hoped to achieve?

Awesome, but as I said earlier, I’m still processing it all day by day. Just an hour ago I saw ‘Subject Study’ was on BBC’s Radio 1 – how crazy is that, you know? When I was creating this record, I don’t even think I had more than 100 streams on any of my tracks. I am so grateful for everything and for everyone. So many amazing things have happened this year, but what I am the most thankful for and what excites me the most is doing what I love, surrounded by people that I love.

Do you want to mention anything else before we finish up?

My family has told me how much I say it and to maybe dial it down, but I can’t help it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you everyone! I’m so excited about sharing what I do with everyone, and there is some suuuuuuper weird stuff coming out; I hope not so late.

KinAhau – Subject Study is out now on Revival New York.