Inflyte Radar: Kinnerman

UK artist Kinnerman has swiftly secured his place amongst the future stars of British house music, releasing with elrow, ViVa Music, Kaluki and more have saw him gain support from acts like Solardo and Steve Lawler.

With his recent return to the Barcelona elrow imprint, we sat down with Kinnerman as part of our Inflyte Radar series to discuss his studio process, what tech he uses and a couple of tunes he’s enjoying right now.

You’re on our radar this month, how are you?

I’m all good thanks, currently sat on a very packed train coming back from Darlington as I played for Illusion last night!

Your new track ‘Request Line’ recently dropped on Elrow Music, tell us how the record came to be?

To be honest the same way most of my tracks happen, I spend quite a lot of time through the week in the studio and I just jam really until something sticks, I think that’s the best way to work as it’s natural. I was playing around with the Roland TB-3 and the bassline came from that, when I added the vocal it just fit the track perfectly with the groove so it didn’t take long to finish.

How has the support been for the release?

Really good, Javi Bora reached out to me and said he really liked it then played it in France at one of his gigs and also many others so I’m looking forward to the release.

How important do you think social media is for new DJs and producers?

Absolutely essential, it’s a must right now. A lot of my music has been signed by literally sending label A&R heads my music via Facebook messenger. It’s the same when I send some tracks to DJs to try, most of the time it’s through facebook. Instagram is a major platform, so many people I know have left Facebook and solely have Instagram now. If your a DJ and producer and want to engage with fans and other people within the music scene, you have to be active on all social platforms.

What kind of setup are you using in the studio?

I use Ableton Live and have a pair of Genelec 8040 with a Subwoofer. There’s lots of hardware stuff too, Synths like the Moog Sub 37, Sub Phatty, Jen SX 1000 aswell as outboard gear from the likes of Lexicon, Warm Audio and Focusrite.

Do you have any concrete goals for the 2018 year?

The main goal would be to keep growing and constantly playing. At the moment my gig diary is getting really busy. The past few weeks I’ve played in Wales, London, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Darlington, Leicester, Liverpool aswell as over in Bilbao, Spain. As a producer my goals are to just keep making quality music and pushing myself to keep learning as much as I can.

It’s important that my music goes on the right label. A few weeks ago I was asked by Steve Lawler to do a remix for his label ViVa Music. I used to send stuff to ViVa years ago and now to be asked was quite special to me. That was one of my goals since I began and now it’s ticked off the list. I’ve just got to keep trying to push boundaries and go forward.

Let’s wrap things up with your favourite tune at the moment, either for DJing or just to listen to?

For DJing, Unit 2 – Sunshine (KiNK Remix) is still going off in my sets, it never gets old.

For listening – Anything by the Foo Fighters

Kinnerman’s Request Line is out now on elrow music, stream it below.